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RSS-feeding new tracks? iTunes? How does that sound

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Hey there,

I had a little read on how to set up RSS-audio-feeds, which can be subscribed to, either via iTunes or other players.
I could basicly publish a weekly "tracks of the week" overview podcast, or do seperate feeds for different interest groups (maybe a bit similar to the "top 100" radio streams on wikiloops, just to download on your player).

I'd love to get some feedback if any of you are using such audio-feeds, I must admit I don't, so it would be nice to get some feedback if that sounds like a good idea :)

Clarification: The audio files themselfs will still be hosted on wikiloops.com, and the music use rights will not be changed by such a thing, we might just use the iTunes podcasts-list as a kind of wiki-advertising/hello-there place, no payments involved.
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not using iTunes myself ...
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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Just read this, I would definitely like to have some kind of top 100 podcast and would use it! It would also be cool to have a rss podcast on my recent notifications. E.g. when someone I subscribed to posts a new song, someone comments on me, etc...
Not using iTunes though, so it should be rss or some other standardized format.
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That sounds cool I haven't used itunes either. But if interested I have a friend that does a radio show on Friday nights. internet radio. I had asked him if he would be interested in helping with something like this he would.
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