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Well it's been 2 weeks now since I had my operation and during this last week I sort of got back to spending lots of time sitting at my computer - this has resulted in my open wound getting 1 cm deeper which does not help the recovery process at all. So I have to somehow limit myself to 2 times 30 minutes a day at my computer so if I don't get round to hearing everyone's music:(which I won't) Sorry! I'll try to keep listening to stuff on my phone but I hate doing that and will probably spend my 2 x 30 minutes doing solos of my own (and some translation work I have to finish). Hope to get better in a few weeks - probably break the rules at least once and upload 20 tracks or so. Keep on making beautiful music my fellow wikiloopians!!!!
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You concentrate on getting better B.....:)
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yes... get well soon (and play guitar while laying down?) ;)

hang in there m8, no use in staying unwell longer than necessary...
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Didn't know you was having problems get better soon Ian if it takes less playing so be it.

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Get well soon !
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Hope you feel better real soon!
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A little break can't do wrong. Some days without internet or mobile-phone, some days without music, some days without wine or bear...or cigarettes. Even some days without love won't murder you.

Very important: Some days without any news... :-)

With you good luck!
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Take care my friend. Getting back to normal is the most important thing in your life now.
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Indeed.....take it easy..Catch up when you can! Nothin's goin away here!
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