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Difficulty uploading a re-mix

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I cannot seem to get the "Publish" box activated that is about endorsing that I am not uploading copyrighted material. At least one set of instructions indicated that this box must be checked or pushed in order to initiate uploading of a re-mix. I have been able to begin the upload proces, and a yellow bar begins moving, after awhile this bar disappears, and is followed by the word "Processing" and the message "saving changes", but this doesn't resolve, and I am also not able to push the "Publish" button. Does the Publish button only work after the upload process is completely finished?
I must be doing something wrong, but obviously don't know what it is. Perhaps I am not being patient enough. Would appreciate any help or insights. Thanks!
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hello Blueboy !
yes the Publish button turns green when everything needed has been checked ... upload and its process title etc
i suggest once your upload is done trying to change something in your title or description ? maybe your browser needs to be poked a lil bit ? B)
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Hi Bluebox, this may happen if not all the fields are filled in, you will have to at least add a title and define the meter.
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