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I have choosen a theme for the year 2015. I call it "success". What is success? Simply spoken, you are paid fair for what you do. Or you are paid better than fair - call this "big success".

You need a concept to have success. Someone said, if somebody knows a new concept, he won't tell it to you. Because a concept has to be unique. If someone talks about a concept for free it will have no worth.

My concept could be, I invite you in my caravan in your vacancies and we play some concerts in the camping-camps all around with Mp3-Files we have "stolen"/downloaded from Wikiloops... :). We can only earn 10-30€ every evening, but the first time it is fun. :)

Please help me to make a list of proven concepts you know.

This is only a little brain-storming
Nr. 1: Youtube
Nr. 2: Musicstore "Thomann" in Germany
Nr. 3: The Eurovision-Song-Contest-event
Nr. 4: The "Dieter-Bohlen"-awful-commenter-feedback-concept.
Nr. 5: The Wikiloops-outsourcing-studiomusicians-party-concept. :D
Nr. 6: The monthly meetings of the "Folkclub" in Bonn near Cologne. Concept is "No Amps are allowed". People have to listen to the music.

Please tell the city and the concept you know if you can state a "success". Criterias for success are:

- Earning money or
- growing members/spectateurs/clients or
- Waiting-list for a place on the stage
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mmmm i am really not sure we have the same success notion ...
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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Probably there are several definitions of success. A good definition is short and clear.

I forgot in my definition: "giving influence to others". This can be a way of success, too. But many outstanding musicians died very poor. :)

But, of course, the question is: Where is a musical CONCEPT you think matches your criterias of success? I am interested in examples, a location in a city or a link in the internet. It only has to be real and open. :)
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how about [url=]this site[/url]?
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I already mentioned "" as a new and great concept of success. :-)

Other Concepts are "Supporting musicians with software to easy up their life" (Sequencer, Notation, etc.). But many applications have a very short life-cycle. e.g. PowerTab 1.7; XGWORKS by Yamaha etc.

Another: "Adding another musicians to a single musician with artificial intelligence", e.g. Band-in-a-box; but the realization of this concept is very, very poor.
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These rant concepts.....they've all translated into reality their very nature concepts are just that.......conceptual......existing only in the mind..... Once they are foisted on the external world they are no longer concepts but actualities..... In my humble one😃
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In german we call these concepts I mentioned "Geschäftsmodelle" (concepts of trade?). They only exist, if they are real and some of them have success or they can fail right from the start (or after a time, if the life-cycle of the concept is over). A concept that is not reality is called an "idea".

Success needs a concept as stated above. Even a music group needs a "free" and new concept. You have never seen a second "Rolling Stones"-band, have you?
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