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wikiloops 2014 - annual transparency report

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So here it is again, the annual open report about the wikiloops development & funding situation.

This report has been good practise to stay in touch & keep things transparent to all members and supporters,
and you can find the [url=http://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=455]previous years reports[/url] around as well.

There are a few things intended by letting people look into the backstage situation of wikiloops, which I'd like to mention prior to offering the 2014 numbers:
- interested individuals who wonder why we ask for support should be able to make an informed judgement about this project
- supporters of wikiloops get to know what happened with their money
- "we collaborate, you are invited!" is the core message of wikiloops, and we apply this concept to running the plattform itself as well, instead of turning wikiloops into a sure-win-sneaky-deal business along the lines of "you collaborate, we get rich".
Projects like the wikipedia proove amazing things can be done with the help of many, and it remains an open quest if wikiloops can be led a similar path in the long run.
This report is about chapter four of this adventure, the quest goes on, you are invited :)

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Hey ! I need to tell you again about this report ... tell you how fortunate we as a wikibunch are to be part of the priceless part of this report ... tell you that this amazing amount of fun is only possible because of this huge work you are providing (yes the red lines ! btw i'm happy you finally decided to include that in your report ;) ) ... tell you that you can count me in as a *supporting member* for 2015 and hopefully alot more years ... thank you for what you're doing !
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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we ARE fortunate, indeed. we can feel your love, Dick - and i'm happy to support such a magical musical endeavor. huge heartfelt thank you from this member.
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Thanks for this insiders annual report. I am a big fan of serious statistiks! Being a member since Aug 2013, listening to two thousands tracks of music, mostly played by musicians with an international reputation. I can say, I am not able to listen to "normal-industrial" radio music any longer.

But I notice, from the point of musicians, how hard it seems to get a play, a good thumb, qualified feedback or even a download... Hard times for musicians in a capitalistic system. Good times to feel free and waiting for a public "Minimum share" for homestudios and bigger studios, too :)
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Thanks for the report and for the work you do. My donation for 2015 will come.

best wishes for you
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Rich, many thanks for your work, your time and your "Herzblut" that you put in this wonderful project!
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Hi Dick, Just seen the report, looking like you will need a major business manager quite soon. You have a global phenomenon happening. Line up some good people. Gonna need them!
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Thanks for publishing the detailed report. I don't know how to say this, this website is so unique in the way it is run and administered. There are so many fakes and cynics out there, in the real and cyber world, it is refreshing to have something like that which is not!. Having had the pleasure of meeting you in person I understand where it comes from.

You can count on my support for 2015. Unfortunately I can't help you with coding, I am worse at coding than playing guitar :D

I will however continue to bug you with bug reports, for as long as you like :)

So thank you from all of us again.
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Nice reality check dick,this is some project you took on, did some maths if all active musicians payed a small monthly fee you would be out kind of the woods, how to keep m all aboard and get new people in as easy as they do now? I get your point of view...but if it ever comes to it: a less open wikiloops is better than no wikiloops! Thanx for the great work! Happy to donate :)
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@frenzie: please be aware, this is the 2014 report, I'll present the 2015 numbers in a few days... I guess the trend is positive, tho you are right with your observation.
It seems to be quite difficult to communicate the amount of work that goes into a project like wikiloops, thanks for taking the time to check this out -
and of course a jamming start into 2016 to you :)
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Well Dick I enjoy the site and have had the pleasure of jamming with many here As we move forward into 2016 I just hope more musicians get on board and support such a wonderful website. Sad we live in a world where some want everything for nothing. I salute you for keeping this site a donation only site and for all your hard work in doing so. Love all the changes over the years. Jam on 2106.
Dave aka Rickplayer
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