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Zoom H2n recorder

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Hay y'all...
I would really love your feedback on using the Zoom H2n handy recorder.
I am looking for a simple solution to record live setting without the hassle. I am not an audio engineer so I want a very user friendly device and software.
So far, the reviews I have read on this item are positive.

You can see the item here at musicians friend:

Thanks so much for your reply!
- Londy
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Don’t know if this remark is the same for the H2n recorder, but the batteries of my Zoom Q3HD are ALWAYS dead, forget the 20 hours lifetime from 2 AA,had to by a DC5V unit(not very common and not cheap !) to make the thing somewhat useful
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I have the Zoom H4N, which is step further and it is excellent for recording live or a rehearsal or just myself at home etc. Recordings of my band are sometimes just good to put them on CD as is - almost.
But: if you need something for remixing wikiloops, you will have to go over a DAW where the original track is loaded and you need a good microphone. I do not know about your H2n, but my Zoom H4n is also a nice USB mic and serves as an audio interface. Then it functions as a very good mic in the software, which captures the whole room. If it is your bedroom, that might be no prob.

I just looked at the link: yes it serves a USB mic - so it is a good solution and simple if combined with Audacity or any other software.
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Zoom H 4 is indeed excellent for live recordings. Use the power supply not batteries to be assured of good recordings. Purchase an eight gig chip and you can get an entire four hour gig recorded live. Gatot
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I use my ZOOM H2N with surround sound in a quiet room all the time now. I play the backing track live via speakers and record the mix direct. Audacity helps me check the product. I also agree that using the external power source, that comes with it, will give you the best sound. The internal MP3 converter is easy and have had no problems. A great way to make uploads simple.
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My experience of the Zoom recorders (to record live gigs) has been nothing but excellent. The sound quality and the stereo spatial image is clear and precise. You're not going to go too far wrong with one of those but the only tip I'll offer is do not use any kind of 'automatic gain control' setting. Set good-but-fixed recording levels, below the loudest sound you think you'll make, and it'll be great.
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I agree with mpointon. I use this exclusively for live recording but always set the levels first by having the guitarist (plugged directly in) play as loudly as possible, and set the level so it won't clip. Same with microphones. Nothing worse that a good performance ruined by wrong settings on the recorder. Never use automatic gain. As long as there isn't a lot of background noise or a source of hum (guitarist's boxes and ground faults), you can boost up a low signal. No way to fix maxed out recordings....they are screwed.
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