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Hi Folks.....

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Hi folks.....my name is Paul and I'm married with 3 daughters and one 18month old Grandaughter.
I live in Surrey, England about 20 miles South of London.

I discovered Wikiloops completely by chance and I must say how impressed I am with the set-up and wealth of musical talent to be found on this site. I must also give a big up to your founder for having the foresight and inspiration to build and maintain such a fine site.

Wikiloops is set-up a bit differently from anything I have known previously, being focussed on collaboration which I'm really excited to get involved in.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Mike [Reverend], Tim [TPB] and Alex [Groundy], who also registered this week, for a few years now and they are all brilliant musicians as some of you will no doubt be finding out.

If you feel inclined, please check out my profile for biography, gear and musical influences......in the meantime I shall look forward to participating in some of your jams real soon.

Best regards
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Welcome Paul, have fun on the 'loops!
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Hey Cadman,
thank you very much for the pat on the shoulder, much appreciated :)

Have fun around the 'loops, its a huge fishpond full of creative people - plus you :)
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Yes, let`s have nice time together :)
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Welcome to the loops, Cadman! :)
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Welcome to the loops have fun with the rest of the loopies here
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Welcome from me too, let the show begin ! ;)
Rockin´ in a free world !
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Many thanks to you all for your warm welcome.

....and aduennwald...I've heard of thumbs up but never been given two toes up before :)

Thanks once again guys,
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Welcome !
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Welcome! :)
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Thanks for the heads up Paul.....Alex
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