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hey from good ol WV,USA

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found this site on valentines day and been in love ever since!!! lol
yall have some serious talent around here!!!! i hope to see yall around the boards and i guess what ya would call the "tunes"section!!!

i made this some time ago after getting my first dbl bass pedal setup and its changed since the vid , but i dont have a site to host the pic lol

Everything is practice :)
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Welcome Robert.....
Not been here long myself....still finding my way around.
But I like what I see and hear......
..and that includes your YouTube Vid.
What a great way to showcase your drumming skills.
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Hi, R_T_71

welcome and have a good time here on Wikiloops. It´s a great place for sure!
Have Fun! :)
Rockin´ in a free world !
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Welcome to the 'loops, enjoy!
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Hi, R_T_71

Glad you found the wiki all here enjoy playing and having fun. Welcome and keep on jamming cool video
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Welcome to the loops.....have fun!
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Welcome and enjoy !
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Welcome aboard R_T :)
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TY for all the welcomes and comments on vid, i know im not really that good yet compared to most of the drummers ive heard so far, but one day maybe.... practice makes ya better which is one of many reasons im glad to have found this site :) no covers!! youtube is full of them , not many originals :)
Everything is practice :)
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