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:) Hello from Philadelphia.
Some people know it as the 'City of Brotherly Love'...but I like what Bill Bruford calls us, "The Prog Rock capital of the world"!
I was searching for loops to jam with and found wikiloops by accident. A happy accident!
This is the greatest jam site I've ever seen. The grooves are juicy and funky but also very tasty.
Thank you Dick for putting this together.
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hehe, as a friend of brufford (my most liked quote of bruford: "King Crimson was the only band I could play 7-8ths rhythms and still sleep in a decent hotel"), I'll say welcome to wikiloops Lou Minn!
Spread the word around philly, and have a good time jammin on wikiloops!
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"I was saved in wikiloops. When I was going to quit the music I met here."

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