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I've been here just over a week...

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And God knows why I didn't know about the place sooner. I love jamming - I attend a 'jam' every fortnight where I'm one of the 'house' band - I don't know what I'm playing from one week to the next. Someone says they want a backing and we just get on with it. Love it.

And WikiLoops is no different. I like to think I've got stuck in already and will be paying my dues in terms of paid-up subscription once I get another job! It will happen. I already feel I'm abusing the facilities - I want to pay my way!

But the quality of musicianship of the people I've already met in such a short space of time is incredible and I've been very fortunate to partake in some fantastic tunes. And I love the fact it's with people from all over the world. What I love most, though, is the iterations tunes can take on. To me, it's an education hearing how, for example and in my case, three other drummers approach a tune I've had a go at. It's not a competition, but an education to me. They always come up with stuff I wish I'd thought of. Buggers.

There's no purpose to this post, just that I have a new addiction! I don't want a new job as it'll take away for my current ability to just rattle stuff out for this place. Of course, personal economics dictates otherwise! I need a lottery win!

What an amazing place.
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Welcome, and enjoy the 'loops!
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Welcome happy jamming
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Hey mpointon,
we've had the pleasure before, so let me skip another welcome :)
Really liked how you summed up some of the fun aspects of this site, and it reads to me as if you were taking the right approach to having a lot of fun around here -
just as you put it - if you can steer clear of any competition thinking and see wikiloops as a source of inspiring approaches, you are bound to have a lot of fun, and you'll improve your skills as you go and notice things other people do which worked - and that seems to be true for pretty much any skill level.
Most importantly, have fun!
"Sorry - had to do it!" - Les Claypool

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