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Following on form the recording setup thread..

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Let's see your recording world! I like the idea of seeing what other people do to realise their fantastic contributions to WikiLoops.

My setup is a room that was my now-deceased father's music room, full from floor to ceiling with books, music manuscript and other suff. Makes a fantastic recording room though!

For me, a bunch of Audio-Technica condenser and clip-on and Shure SM57 mics go into a Terratec Producer Phase 88 8-in firewire interface to my MacBook and Reaper. From there, I ruin it with my inability to operate Reaper properly. Sadly I do everything from recording to mixing on a pair of £20 Sennheisier in-ear headphones I bought from Dixons in Heathrow!

[img]https://copy.com/thumbs_public/mlxhlKhSRl6fSsEa/IMG_1041.JPG[/img] (sorry about the suits in the corner - job hunting!)

Can't in-line get image linking to work for some reason: Try this: https://www.copy.com/s/mlxhlKhSRl6fSsEa/IMG_1041.JPG
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i had a try to figure out why the image-linking is not working - seems that copy.com does not allow deepliking to images the way it would be needed to work, sorray :/

Them Books definetly make for a nice acoustic :) wrinkled surfaces are always good to have!
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That is a nice studio thanks for sharing
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