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Hello people. This is me. Saying hello.

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Yo there folks.

I'm Richard Kane, long-time metal vocalist and guy who doesn't know how to do introductions. I find myself in a position to pursue something I've wanted for a long time, to focus on clean vocals, and that's how I happened here.

I've not been here long but I gotta say, this place is a revelation. I'm not entirely sure how things work yet but the music available is incredible and I've already sung away over a bunch of tunes just to practice (Bird Fat Groove, legend.)

Sooooo... yeah. Like I said, I'm not too sure how things work yet. I'm basically just looking to put some (hopefully) solid vocals over a whole range of tracks. I'm not a fan of genres, just a fan of music. S'all about what sounds good, and I wanna push myself to cover whatever style I can. I've read a bit on the whole remix thang, still not sure how to contact artists involved in the tracks so we can discuss things but... well, yeah, this isn't the FAQ thread.

Alas, that's it. Cheers if you read all this drivel. Next time I'll make sure I know what I'm talking about.


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Hey Kane, interesting Introducing of yours. Welcome and i hope we hear a lot of your voice. Have fun. :) (sorry for my bad english ;) )
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Welcome onboard !! enjoy the ride ;)
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Welcome to wikiloops ;o)
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Yes, welcome to the loops :)
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nice to have you with us RKane, welcome :)
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Welcome !! Enjoy ! :)
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Glad to have you along on the wikiloops enjoy your jamming
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Welcome! :)
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