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Remove and keep in a jam!?

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I wish you could remove the instrument from the tree as you want to participate with, without the additions disappeared. It's often the case that there is something of the underlying tracks that make you want to join the jam!
It would be great to hear your opinion about this, and giving Dick and the other leaders an idea of our wishes on this and maybe also try to solve it if there is a problem technically! // Lars
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you could still go as far back in the tree as you need to make your addition ... there is no way to unmix a single instrument from a remix i'm affraid !
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I do not support the idea of kicking-out an instrument. If a drummer wants to replace a drumtrack, this is idea and principle of Wikiloops: "Play it again, Sam". Of course you have to go back to the branch in the tree where a drum joins the game. I guess many people have synchronized copies of given soli etc. and can upload easily to a new branch if they like to do so.

Sometimes you get 2 remixes at the same time, both parallel not sequentiell because they worked at the same time, of course it is easy to ask a member to upload his work to a new position. I would avoid the idea of kicking-out someone in a session.
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I thank you for your comments and I understand the technical impossibility with my proposal // Lars
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If all the various players have uploaded an HD copy, you could download the individual takes to make a new mix minus the instrument you want to remove. But to upload it back to a jam in the same tree would be, I'd say, not fair on the musician you've removed as they've contributed to the reason that tree exists. People have liked what they've added and have contributed because of that. To remove it would not be fair or right in my opinion.

If you want to do it for your own practice purposes that's, of course, completely different. Message the individual musicians for copies of their parts should you want something missing a particular instrument - this happens regularly so that people can upload remixes as not everyone uploads isolated HD copies of their add.

As mentioned above, to mess with a remix tree by removing individual musicians would not be a good thing as well as not very fair. If you want to add an instrument, add it at the point in the tree where you're 'competing' with the same instrument and see where it goes. It's part of the fun and part of the challenge for me. There've been many trees I've wanted to add to but many other drummers have already added so I view it as somewhere I shouldn't mess with and wait for my next opportunity to join in when a new template appears.

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Thank you for your comments! I take the information on what to do instead!! B)
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