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I had a real problem bringing a guitar to URFT. Friends told me that aerial companies are rough with musical instruments in the luggage compartment and that I would not be able to bring my guitar in the passenger section.

I found and bought a travel guitar I will be able to bring with me in the passenger section.

Will it be possible in Urft to have acces to an acoustic guitar ampli?

Here is the guitar I bought, a left handed one (I will have it next week).
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Seeing you could be a good reason to bring you my fantastic AER-Amp :-). Sorry to say, that I have not yet decided if I will be able to meet the event.

Using this post to say that I will be very little online in the next months, too. Thanks to all until now and good luck!
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Well Neronick it would be a shame not to meet you in Urft in september. Make an effort.
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We will most likely have an AER amp available in Urft, no need to bring any amp, Rob :)
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Hi Robjol. The EU have recently voted in laws regarding treatment of passengers with musical instruments and being able to take them in the cabin. A quick search suggests the FAA have done something similar too although I don't know if the FAA and Canada share any laws and rules on such matters. It might be worth checking the rules and regulations, as well as that of your chosen airline before worrying about whether you can take a guitar in the cabin.
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