Playing catch-up !!

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Hi guys

I hope as many people as possible read this post simply because i don't want to offend anyone by changing the ways i've done things since i joined !
To better explain I must begin by stating that i've reached a point where i follow so many people, who upload so much fantastic music that if i want to be able to listen, play, record & upload myself, i can't keep commenting as i've always done - each an individual comment to each template, mix or response !

If i keep doing things this way, it cuts brutally on my playing/recording/uploading time so i will try to start commenting slightly more.. ''generically'' ?.. so it's still clear i payed attention, listened & liked the upload while hopefully cutting back on time i spend doing so.

I apologise but it's just too much music to keep up & i always end up playing catch-up A LOT of the time, specially if i have a couple of busier days - something which during tourist season here will happen more often than the rest of the year.. :(

I hope you understand my reasoning & take no offence for none is meant, on the contrary..

Cheers guys

plenty of time to rest when i'm dead...
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I totally understand what you're saying, Nuno. It's getting that way for me. I'm following so many great players that it's almost a full-time job to respond to their uploads and comments. If someone uploads against a template I'm involved in, I consider it rude not to respond or provide feedback, so I do prioritise those as a matter of courtesy. If someone has made the effort to be involved in something I'm involved in, the least I can do is acknowledge their effort.

It is difficult, though. I"d been away from the loops for 36 hours earlier this week and I had over 40 comments and uploads to contend with - it took me an hour just to do that! I hate to seem rude or arrogant to anyone but I inevitably miss stuff. I really try not to.
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I also understand where you are coming from. i try to keep up with as many tracks as I can but that is impossible to do and play to. I do know by all your comments in the past how you feel about the players on the wiki loops so with that said I myself know if you listen to my tracks just a thumbs up is enough. That alone says how you feel about the tracks. I leave compliments when I can and also have to cut my listening short to have time to play. I would like to comment on tracks that are really good or the ones that I feel could help the artist tune their playing. No offence taken jam on nuno
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Thanks guys, i really appreciate your understanding !
This is too good a site & since we all obviously love music, it naturally makes us gravitate toward it deeper & deeper until…. HELP !!!…LOL...
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plenty of time to rest when i'm dead...
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Man, relaxe! There is no need to apologize for not commenting tracks. and it is also not necessary with his instrument to complement each track! My Opinion !! ;)
Rockin´ in a free world !
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i agree with all the comments here.... so relax, my ego can take not being commented on mate!:)
and everyone already knows i love you all...right?
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You guys kill me !! :D
plenty of time to rest when i'm dead...
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