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I am using a Shure 58 to record my tracks into a Yamaha Mg10, with the output from the phones into the lenovo mic slot with Audacity. The problem I am having mainly is plain and simple noise. Not sure if it is coming from my Amp (Crate) or the mixer or the mic slot. The balance is not quite right yet either and seems to be better if I pan the input track left or right, so that is another smaller issue that time will fix I feel. The noise however is driving me crazy, as I do not want to upload an inferior sound. grrrrrr
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hello Davnel99 and welcome onboard !
what i would do is try to route your signal differently first ... for example try the ST out instead of the phones ... and maybe you have a line out on your amp ? try this instead of mic'ing your amp ? see if the noise is still there or not ...
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Hey Davnel99!
What Crate Amp is it your using Buddy!?( has it got CD in or Emulated Line Out as well as Head-Phone line Out? or XLR DI 3 pin socket on the back of Amp?)

Only a DI-Box between your amp and the mixer is so much better than Mic'in(some use both at the same time) but really for the Loops! I'd use a DI. This will give you a XLR out-put to a Mixer/Interface....But Please check the Load/Power LEVELS!
Also you can't just run an Amp straight into a Mixer/Computer Hot!!!!(unless it's design feature allows) it must pass through some sort of Interface or DI Power soak/Brake that is compatible with this kinda set-up and you still can get ground/Hum issues !( some Amp's do have this feature!.. so read your info sheet or Google it!)
It sounds like something simple in the Chain of your set-up is creating this undesirable problem!
Keep us posted Davnel99 ( Nice Guitars By The WAy!!!);)
Pico ;)
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Pico, thanks for the feedback. I am using a Crate RFX200s, and the only outputs are effects sends /returns mono and stereo.

Unfortunately that entire set of guitars were sold do to downsizing, along with many other electronics. my current stable are a Les Paul Standard and Les Paul Studio and a Takamine elec/accoustic.

I think the noise is in fact mostly coming from the amp, but I remember now that the mixer also creates noise unless you are playing live with a loud rock group that drowns it out. I think all I need is more money to buy higher end stuff. Isn't that what all us musicians need lol?
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Hi Davnel, the easiest way to get a clean signal is probably to forego the amp altogether and use a USB interface that supports high-z input (guitar level) to get into your computer, and use vst/virtual amp modeling to get the sound you want. Or use a microphone into an interface if you still want to use the amp. FocusRite seems to be a favorite of 'loopers, works well and affordable, but there are many other options.

- Joe
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As others have said, you need a good recording interface to your computer. My money's on the mismatch between the headphone level (line) output and a mic level input on your PC. I guess your laptop doesn't have a line in as this would at least be an improvement? This is rarely good news for sound quality. Built-in sound cards on laptops are not only pretty awful but usually very latent, even with something as simple as Audacity. They're usually built to be functional rather than good. Ultimately, I feel your problem is how you get the signal into your laptop. Only a USB/Firewire recording interface will solve that problem for you. A simple 2-in USB interface should be under $100.
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