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For such a busy and active place, the forums are very quiet! My guess is that people just forget they're here - a kind of 'them and us' between the music part of the website and the discussion part. The fact the music part of the site is very Facebook in its style probably means people don't bother looking beyond it. They comment on music, job done, move on...

I think the forums could and should be a very helpful place for the 'Loopers to talk music but I suspect people just aren't driven or attracted to them from the 'main' site.

So my suggestion would be to, perhaps, have some kind of indicator on the forum link to suggest how many posts have been made since their last visit - just something to shout 'you're missing stuff'. Whilst I'm loathe to add workload to the development of the site, I do feel the forums are largely overlooked and could be so much more if people used them.

This could've been discussed before - I haven't searched if I'm honest - but I'd love to see more collaboration on ideas and techniques via the forums, so I'm just putting ideas out as to how more users could be attracted to take part in the forums.

Just my 2p.
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Hey mpointon :)
I dont think this has been addressed before, but I have a very similar perception about the recognition of the forums presence - many, many loopers don't check the forum regularyly, and it tends to have a "oh, and they seem to have a forum as well. oh well." kind of reaction.

I have considered adding a "News Feed" message like "mpointon opened a forum thread "Forum posts..." ", which may be displayed to anyone who is following you - since the follow-concept is meant to follow someones musical contributions, I am not sure if it is really what people want.
One might find out a musician one likes musically has a tendency to write a lot of bogus forum posts, too, so I always felt it might not be too much of a good idea to merge these two ideas.

The general info: "Theres 23 new forum posts since you last visit" seems of little attraction to me tbh, maybe a box displaying the titles of the three most recently updated forum threads has more appeal... I do find it a bit hard to find a good spot for that, and placing such a thing right on the homepage has some dangers too. Just imagine a thread called "site dont work on playstaytion" which would then be prominently displayed on the wikiloops homepage... thats a PR nightmare of the best kind, and NO, I really dont want to have to moderate and select which threads shall show up there...

To add one last bit of information, you should know that the "thread reply"-notification by email has been broken for a long, long time, which has also lead to the forum sleepiness you witness. I believe the issue is fixed by now, its just one more piece f "historic info" to explain why the forum is a bit less active than other parts of the loops.
From my moderation experience, there were more incidents were people ran into misunderstandings and stress when discussing in the forum, than the musical part of the loops ever created - the non-language-based part of the loops seems to add to a healthy atmosphere, while crudely google-translated forum contributions tend to create quite some tension.

So, there you are with some feedback and my view on things :) I'm open to suggestions on how to improve this, if there seems to be any good solution :)
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I sort of agree with both of you guys.
Maybe just an indicator that forum has been updated since your last visit won't harm :).
FORUM header link in a different color (yellow forum folders = new posts), or a red “!” close to it... No matter how many posts.
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I started looking at the forum a bit more lately, mainly because of the new features and the feedback. I would not mind having a red flag on the top right corner next to the newsfeed and track alert. Seems to be the best place for it as we are used looking there anyway.

One other suggestion that might help: If we could "like" single posts in the forum as well, that would be nice. Everybody likes a like. I saw many nice posts here and wanted to show my appreciation, but...
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