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kimbos folding steinberger project nearly there!

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hi guys... just thought i'de let you all have a sneak preview of the folding steinberger i've been building. i'm bringing it to urft so only one cabin baggage to take! (yipee)

guitar unfolds... is strung ( no prob as its fixed length strings) (i'm hoping to have a new nut finished for it buy urft time so i can use my fave chrome strings rather than double ball ends)
plug guitar into irig... irig into iPad... iPad into patch bay (silver panel at back of box) headphone link is sent back up modified guitar lead so i can hear myself as i have no back line when behind pa.
when i'm happy i flip a switch on the patch bay and signal is sent via two outputs (l and R) to the mixer/daw/pa.
i use the blu board (blutooth midi wireless switching) to switch between fx and patches on the iPad.
hoping to have a midi expression pedal as well which will plug into blu board and send midi commands via it wirelessly.

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Really nice idea. And one that really fills a need. Does the folding mechanism work as intended?

I'm having some thoughts in the same direction.
I have a traveller ultralight that works really well as a travel guitar. Stays in tune reasonably but is a bit awkward to hold. I just been around i germany by motorbike and managed to practice for an hour dayly on it.

As for the rig i am thinking of a BluGuitar AMP1 and a H9 in the effects loop controlled by a home made arduino based controller
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Great Idea like it
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looks very intersting. I´m curious how this baby sounds! :)
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wel... we'll serif it works in a few weeks! :D
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the biggie for me was to make it cabin baggage. i got locked up in spain for beating a luggage handler senseless when i came down the steps of the plane to see him THROWING my guitar flight case onto the trailer... they let me out only when they reviewed the cctv footage of what he had done..... after that i'm really leary of putting my instruments in the hold... hence the one bag rig:)
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remember guys, give me your desired track numbers for addition to the urft potential playlist... it'll be published [url=http://www.wikiloops.com/radio/4678-Urft+2015+.php]here[/url] and i'll download the songs to my iTunes library so we'll have them as reference in urft... xx kimbo
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is that cctv footage on youtube somewhere...?!
I bet there's some really angry brit fisherman on that film, and some rather surprised spanish ground personell :D
I can see it, ideally with a kind of sports event comment:
"in the left corner, just decending the stairs, from england: Mr. IronFist the Kim!
in the right corner: the underpayed and frustrated luggage hauler with a dislike for anything fragile - from spain, Mr "Oops, dropped that" Sanchez.
This will become interesting in just a few seconds...
now look: theres the pitch!" ... lol
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..no he didn't "drop" he THREW!
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yes this is a real concern ! i'm glad the let you out ! what kind of damage ? (guitar and face ...)
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I suppose everyone has checked this out:
If not, you know the drill
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