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Hello All!!

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Hi there!!
Jim from Burton, New Brunswick, Canada wishing you all a good day.
I'm a beginning bass player who picked up a copy of Rocksmith 2014 and a Bass guitar as a bucketlist sort of thing. As a total noob to music, I'm liking the program as a learning tool. I'm looking forward to doing more wikiloops as it provides the opportunity to listen to other, more experienced bassists put their twist on things.
I'm 52.7 and retired 2 years ago from a life of shooting cannons. Summers are busy outside but, winters keep me in and it's when I play the most. I'm looking forward to sharing this resource with some real-life friends, maybe even play with the "Make a band" feature!! Although I'm bratwurst fingered in my dexterity while playing, like a friend who was a music store owner and teacher told me. "It's about the journey, not the destination".
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Welcome to paradise called wikiloops;).
Once in a life span is dying. I hope not because there is no beer.
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Hi Jim, happy to have you here...welcome to the wonderland
Hi! I'm Alice ..Nice To Meet You!
Don't forget to be happy today!
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Jim welcome to the loops enjoy your learning experience
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Hello Bayonet, welcome from me and go fo it. Have Fun and a good time here on wikoloops. :)
Rockin´ in a free world !
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Welcome ! ;-)
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hi there ! welcome to the loops ! Have FUN :)
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Welcome to wikiloops!
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