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Your use strings and pick?

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Your use strings and pick?

I'm using the 0.09-0.42 of Ernie ball and pick is red very thin Jim Dunlop.
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11-52 gauge D'Adarrio and a dunlop jazz pick or fingers.
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9-42 Ernie Ball super slinky!
I use TUSQ A5's & ST1.00...sonically the best!.A5's are great for solo's and shred stuff( great 4 pinch harmonics and feed type effects ect!!!).....I use the ST's for acoustic kinda ideas!
TUSQ also make nut replacements.
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.13-.56 on acoustic
.11-.49 on electrics except for my parker which has .10-.46
All Elixir
Haven't touched a pick for a decade or so

On my fredholm acoustic it turned out that the bass bass strings had to be thinner and the trebles thicker. So it is 0.13, 0.17, 0,26, 0,35, 0,45, 0.53
All elixir phosfor bronze except for the 0.53 wich is a martin uncoated string (the combination of gauges is not available as a set and buying elixirs as single strings cannot be afforded)
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Pure fingerstyle
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Elixir Polyweb 10-46
Dunlop Jazz III, Max Grip 1.14 and 1.5
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9-42 DR blues on the strat
9-42 ernie ball on the lespaul
what ever is left on the strat clone
don't remember on the bass or acoustic,
and fender medium picks
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This is a mix tape for me...I like the Ernie Ball Super Slinky (10s) for that balance tone of brightness and Low end. However, It doesn't last so long (after 5 days, you lost it's tone, and get's rusty). Then I switch to ELIXIR nanoweb (10s). When it comes to the tone, It's okay,.not outstanding compared to the Ernie Ball Super Slinky. But the longevity really amazed me. Right now, it's already more than a month and it didn't change the tone (compared to the first few days of use) and didn't get rusty. So, my guitar which I use everday for practice and recording I use ELIXIR and when I am playing with my band I use the Ernie Ball Super Slinky.

For the picks, I use variety of them, chicken picks (22mm) Dunlop Tortex (2.0) Dunlop John Petrucci model. But believe it or not, my most favorite one is the cheapest of all. It's a stainless steel (no brand) pick. Most throw it away because it's highly slippery. But what I do is try to tape it with Electrical tape, then scratch the tape with a knife or blade and ergo, slippery is gone. I like it because the stainless still makes it glide smoothly through the string which results picking faster. And even with a low gain setting, you can still play fast alternate pickin.
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09-42 because of the Floyd on the Ibanez and 10-46,on the stray.
Pick 1.0 Dunlop
40-95 on the Bass no pick
Hop hop hop
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10 47 on strat currently elixer
11 49 on les paul bit heavy tuned down
Using earny ball cobalt slinky bit strange feeling but now I like m for tone as well :)
picks I use all kinds, from coins, to Dunlop tortex green nylon black, v picks , triangle :)

Thnx for the info guys
Chicken picks look cool and also TUSQ :)
wish I could play fingers which sound pretty cool imho :)
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I can't bending first string is that it .10.
Further neck to order warp...:(
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For electric guitars I use Ernie Ball Slinky Colbalt .010 - .046 & D'Addario Nickel Wound regular lights .10 - .46.
For Acoustic Guitar I use D'Addario Phosphor Bronze .012 - .053
For 5 string Bass I use D'Addario Nickel Wound EXL170-5 .045 - .130

For picks I use Jim Dunlop Jazz 3 or a John Petrucci for soloing.
For strumming rhythm I use any super thin pick.
For picking rhythm I use a thick wood pick and sometimes a penny...depending on what tone I want
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HEllo !
I use Ernie Ball extra slinky 9-42 (for 40 years now !!!) and 10-46, with picks Dunlop Big stubby 3mm (the thickest one). Bye bye !
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09-42 Ernie Ball Nickel Super Slinky on the electrics
.028 - .042 Ernie Ball Earthwood Nylon on acoustic

Ibanez 1.0mm usually
Dunlop thin to heavy (depends)

fingers/pick mix usually on blues and country styles.
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I always put the heaviest strings possible on my guitars, (gauge depends on the song I’m recording) even if they do make me work hard.
It’s very simple: the thicker the strings the better the sound.
The choice off pick is much underestimated; it changes the sound of the instrument a great deal.
Sometimes you want that nice tchice…tchice… on a strumming acc guitar, so I use a very thin pick 0.60 sometimes you need a strong sound so I use a very thick pick etc… I choose a pick in function of the song.
Most of the time, I must say, I don’t use a pick at all.
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Electric Strings: 010 - 046 Black Smith *Coated*.
Classical Strings: 028 - 043 Daddario EJ45.

Picks: Electric Guitar i use Jazz III by Dunlop (These are rock solid) or fingerstyle.
i cut down my right hand thumb nail to use the flesh on it, gives the bass tones a more mellow sound, while i let the nails grow out to a decent lenght on the rest of them, including the pinky for some spanish flamenco guitar (for a more tight Rasgueado etc.)

sometimes if my nail grows abit weird, ill shape them with a file, this is mostly on my ring finger because the nail is very concave, and tends to catch the strings with the edges, so i smooth down the edges (still with a nice tip) so make it more slippery and easier to play.
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Thanks for the info... Really cool.
I use 0.10-0.46 D'adarrio nickel regular on my tele.
A mixed set (10-13-16-24-34-42) on my Gibson marauder...
Pick: I guess Dunlop "tortex" 1.0mm blue ones
When strings need to be changed, I like to play with a coin (20 centimes old stock^^)
I still have a new old stock coming from the time strings were given to me...
But far from home I recently had to buy some strings. No D'Adarrio, so I went for a Dean Markley 10-46 set... It's only my opinion, but it sucks ;-)
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12 / 50 Thomastick Infeld
I play with the thumb (or the nail of it) or a big white plectrum that I don't find anymore.
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I like the sound of dead strings, so on most of my electric guitars these would be 15- 20 years old. Gauges would be .10s, or for archtops flatwound .12s. Though, I do have my classical strings changed out more often and I think those are usually Savarez high tension. For plectrum I use a Wolle 2mm - these were made in Germany and mostly favoured by mandoline players. Not sure if they are still made and used to be very hard to get a hold of.
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I read this thread on a regular basis whenever there is a new post, and I am amazed and in awe of all you guys really knowing your stuff, what strings to use exactly for what, even changing it depending on the type of song or style you do. This is so much more professional than what I do, I take my hat off you guys.

I haven't changed strings on my Strat since December 2014 :D :D :D - so in 2014 I went to the shop and asked the guy to do a bit of maintenance, adjusting and stuff, and he asked me what new strings, and I said don't mind as long as they are not too thick (I only started playing in 2014 after 20 years of not really doing anything so my fingers were weak). So he put strings on, I think fender ones (?) and that's what I have been using since. I am surprised they did not break yet as I do pull on them quite a bit, go figure. I remember in the past strings used to break more often.

With picks, I was using up until a months ago a very very old orange pick, which I still had from the time I was playing 20 years ago. I guess it is a Dunlop medium one. I also had a large blue one of unknown origin which I lost at Urft :( . As I kept losing the orange one too, having to go out on hellish expeditions underneath my sofa I recently got a package with a whole lot of picks of all types and thicknesses, and I experiment with them and chose one which fits the bit I am plying.

So I think I will look at it when I break a string, I might try out thicker strings next as my fingers are stronger now. :)
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Having gone on a mental string journey back in time I remembered that when I was a young lad I used to play only acoustic guitar, and there the strings a) broke all the time due to my bending B. sounded pretty crap after a few weeks. I actually used to boil them in hot water to get a little bit more out of them. But on the Strat, and especially as I always play through the Vox tonlab it's less of a problem.
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