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I'm on a Quest!

I've just started doing Homebrew beer!I know, its da same but it anit

I JUST BOUGHT A MICRO BEER KIT!...and now i'm drinking Wistun Bier!yup in the bottle and the sediment ta cloud the finished product...I can't belive It....so i'm waiting on a batch of Corona(Mexican cerveza) style Lager!...
I got some Pils waiting 4 da colder months!( that's gonna be intresting!) ;) Lagerin ta store....18 degrees and below! i'm on a winner! ( I added 50g of Saaz Hopps!, pellet 2 da racking off and tasted after 12 hours priming!)
R'n'R Amigo's

testing this stuff as it evolves is pretty mad!....and cause the balance of taste is in transit.
Nothing better than letting friends open a bottle of cold bier! and not saying you brewed it!...if everyone swamps it then home run! :)
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sounds cool and fun I don't drink anymore but when it comes to beer its all about taste
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