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Urft 2015 WikiLoops Meet

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This is just a thread to say a massive, massive thank you to Dick for arranging the WikiLoops event in Urft. Not only was it very well-organised and well-equipped (live stream too!), it was just such a laid-back, easy-going and, most importantly of all, friendly event.

I must mention Kimbo who, along with Dick's parents and his fiancée, provided superb and tasty catering, plus utterly hilarious conversation (I now know the story behind the superb #36139 - 'The Boy Don't Live Here' ) to boot!

Then there's the Loopers themselves: it was hard to keep track of who I met as many introduced themselves by their name rather than their WikiLoops handle making it really hard for me to work out who was who. Of the Looper's handles I can remember off the top of my head, there was OliVBee, Marceys, Tofzegrit, Fivestringer, Eckbass, Jamlady, Monika, Haddock, TG_Strat, Uloisious, Pitt Brett, JMRukkers, Ruth, Hurzel, Nilton, cschlote, Lutz... the list goes on. And there was a lot of beer and late nights.

The musicianship was out of this world and, equally impressively, the respect for each-other's space during a jam had to be heard. I've attended many, many jam nights in my years and none of them held a candle to the ability of everyone to listen to each other in Urft. Amazing.

I could go on at length. Suffice to say I drove a 950-mile (1528km) round-trip with a car full to the brim with drums to attend the event and it was worth every mile and every penny (Euro cent). If there's an event next year you will not be able to keep me away.

I must also mention how friendly everyone was with my better half who came with me. Although she didn't contribute musically (apart from bruising her hands on the congas), she was constantly in conversation with anyone and everyone around, throughly enjoying the social aspects of the event as well as the live music. There was no judgement.

Thank you Dick. Thank you WikiLoops. Here's to many more.


I'm sure I've missed many, many things off! Please add your memories here!
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I would like to thank everyone who helped with the stream. I really enjoyed actually seeing some of the jam as it happened. - Slim
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I have to agree with Slimdaver I also enjoyed the live stream it was great to see how many loopers got together and jammed. I know the feeling because I got to jam with Akethesnaker here at my place real cool Keep up the great work Dick and all involved with the wikiloops
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i got back last night around midnight..(along with ozymojo) and we both agree that the event was just great!.
as mr p points out the level of musicianship, the amazing lack of egos, the camaraderie and the respect for each others' "space" was nothing short of amazing (even for "normals" never mind a bunch of musos)!
thank you so much dick for organising what was a truly world class event.....may we have many more.
peace and love to you all. xxx
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i want to say thank you to all the people in urft, espescely to dick and family! i had a fantastic weekend with a lot of impressions from friendly people and great jams! musik bring people together, round the world and urft. thanks a lot!
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Martin got it right: That's the secret of Wikiloops: there is no judgement!

Btw: that's the secret of life also ... B)
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I can only second what was already said : what a cool bunch of friendly poeple having fun all together and enjoying every bit of it !! i loved every single second (including that last midnight walk !!)
i need to renew my best thanks to Dick, Diana, Erika and Michael for the unbelievable amount of work and help you guys provided to make it possible !! and also thanks to Kimbo for the marvelous food :)
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clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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Thank you all
Tofzegrit attached the following image:

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Merci pour la photo amusante - et merci pour les vins excellents !!!
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Watched the whole thing on the stream. Hours and hours and hours I watched and listened. I felt like I was next to Dick there by his laptop the whole time.

Very jazzy jams. Thoroughly enjoyed everybody. Loved hearing all the different drummers, guitarists..

Some notable special moments for me were Nilton's closeup noodling..he was great..

Haddock was legendary and I admire him so much. Martin was spectacular, TOF was bopping side to side with a trademark body language. Marc was steady as hell, just laying it out...

I remember hearing Oli and knowing it was him without looking.

So many great moments. Thank you all for allowing me to be part of it, special thanks to Dick for being patient to get the stream working right.

I hope to read some first hand accounts of the trips people took, and the things they deem notable!

Thanks all!
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I just saw this now, I came to see if there were any more vids form the event...it's been a while - but I agree to everything you said Marc, and the others. Very good indeed!!
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For those who have some pictures or videos of this weekend:
Could you share something please?
I will keep some moments in my brain but as I become older, I need update my nostalgia 😊

Thank you

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