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Wikiloops shared google maps

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Does it exist already, apart from that one in “Translate Wikiloops” page?
I've seen the thread about US meeting location and thought it could have been useful.
I mean something like [url=https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zbB7OoiNWoLI.kqXN115mST1s&hl=en]this map[/url], but you need to log in with a google account to edit the map add your your own place...
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This is definitely an idea worth considering. As usual somebody should be in charge an coordinating it. Any raised hands?
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If we can't find a better way, of course here's mine :) at least to try it out.

Infos needed:
location (as much accurate as you like: an address, a city, a state, geographical coordinates...)

Let's wait at least for the “inner circle” to see this then maybe we can try with a handful of users and see what happens and think about a smart way to manage it.

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Hey folks :)
I have come across a similar thought myself,
and I actually have coded a kind of database which displays locations on a google map some time ago - for some other purpose, but it should be possible to adopt that...
to offer a database of "meet & jam" locations on the loops seems quite cool to do,
somewhat alike to the "couch-surfing" sites.
I have to admit that the thought of doing a wikiloops wold tour by visiting members all around the globe sounds too good to be true ;)

Still, when giving the thought some consideration, I felt that quite a lot of data would be required to go along with each location, and it does feel a little different to offer your guest bed to "whoever browses the session location DB on wikiloops", so I'm not all sure wether this really makes sense in the end.
Let me give you an example - my personal entry to the wikiloops jam spot DB would read something like this:

user: Dick
address: X Y Z, Germany
max guest musicians: 3
closest public transport: Bahnhof Kall (Railroad), Airport Cologne/Bonn
gear: drums, basses, PA present
overnight staying: please request options
animals: not welcome
smokers: welcome
spoken: english, german

This would call to some kind of request / negotiation mechanism, which would hide the street adress untill the location provider gives clearance ... we dont want this to be a guide on where to burglar for expensive equipment, right?
So, bottom line, this could easily turn out to become a major database project, while many personal meetings have alread taken place by a much more informal way of contact via forum and PMs. I'm not absolutely sure it is worth the effort.

Another approach would be to offer any users who are interested to meet other loopers in person to let their location (no address) be displayed on a map, without any other info given, except for the indicator "hey, if you are in the area, send me PM if you'd like to meet!" - that sounds a lot simpler, while the map feature will indeed be a nice thing to have when planning a trip.

so much for today :) any feedback is welcome
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Wow, is there something you didn't think about at some time? :)
The idea was a lot less ambitious anyway...
Approximate location on a shared/public external map = google, only for those who are interested in showing it...

Thread like that one on regional wikimeet ("Let's see, I'm 40km NE Detroit", "What about Buffalo?" "Texas anyone?" ) could benefit from it, but it could be something nice to have anyway, without extra coding ;) .

The CON is, I can't find a way to grant EDIT to everyone who knows the link without a google account so must be one person's job to add locations.

Mantain that database would be actually a great effort instead!
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This is a great idea!!!!!!! Just a map showing where we all are, with our names. That would go a long way visualizing who feasibly could get a little jam going! I agree leaving info about equipment out is smart to avoid scammers.
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I don't know if it helps the development of this but there is a free [url=http://www.pluginvalley.com/freebies/free-joomla-extensions/joomla-multiple-locations-google-map.html]Joomla plugin[/url] that comes close to it.
I believe this free plugin foresees in 10 posible locations but maybe that's not the trickiest part to add more possible locations in the code. But I'm no php-coder so I could be terribly wrong...
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