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how to improve a 3 chords song

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I hope nobody minds if I use this little forumsite. I stopped my guitarblog...

This is not for the pros among you.

Take a sequence like I-VIm-IV-I in the key of G.
You repeat these 4 bars four times.
A) think in groups of four. Play every group with a little change, e.g. change a voicing.
B) add little solos in some bars, fitting to the melody in your mind
C) split a bar into two voicings
D) replace chords, e.g. replace a minor chord with a powerchord
E) every bar sounds kind of unique
Have fun.
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Hey Neronick
Like the post very informative and this advice not only works for guitar but would for bass also. Thanks for posting music theory is so complicated for some and this is put into musicians terms.
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I continue...

Trick 2: Use the capodaster on the right fret.

Example: the song "let him go, let him tarry" in the key of C. Use capo on III. to show up the beauty of the melody within the chords-picking.

Nachtrag auf deutsch: Capo auf III. Starte auf 3 mit a7-d3. Wichtig ist x789xx für Beat 1 in Bar 2. Im D-Griff Pinky sofort mit aufsetzen für g7 5 4 Bewegung. Kleines Memo zur Erinnerung ;-)
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Great advice,
I enjoy the twist you put in. We all know the 3 chord song is not only universal, it's boring. LOL.
So this is going to help out that monotonous dredgery we all know and love.

Keep going on the theory explanation's .

All will benefit ! especially me.. :)

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I am just working on the very first song I have written as a "child". Fun to remember and fun to improve. :)
First (yes, again) I look for the weakest chord. Now I replace this chord - actually two bars - with a progression of 4 chords. I could not name or play these new chords when I started playing guitar.

The only thing to remember again: every song needs something "unique and new". There is a secret hidden in each simple song. It is like digging for gold. Enjoy simplicity!

Trick "2": "where is the lick?". Can you embed the lick in the progression...it can be a counter-melody...

Just talking about music, nothing more.

If you can't change the weakest chord, look for the rhythm. The most important thing are rests and breaks. Sometimes I believe all tones are supporting the rests only.
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The topic is "how to improve a 3 chords song".

In short, music is a struggle against embedded boredom. What is the contrary of boredom? Suspense! Someone or something should create some suspence somewhere. This could be "the man behind him", a unique timbre of a voice, a little imperfection.

It is only a semitone difference on one string which could make the suspence. :). Because suspence is a defined feeling it can exactly pointed.

Example: I replaced a major chord with a Maj7 suspending the 3rd (not major, not minor) in one half bar.

Because it is an old song I wonder why I needed so many years to find this new chord change for the first time ever. It took me some minutes to get it in the fingers. :)
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waeum redet ihr so über musik? MACHT SIE!
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Why talking about music AND making music at the same time? :)

Some weeks ago I composed a song and since that moment I play it every day. What is the magic for me? What makes one new song to get your new favourite?

A good start to improve something is the reverse engineering: simplify it to only 3 chords. Then add back the first change to be the most important. Take it away again and add a change at another bar.

Talking about music helps to see what can be important for creating a personal style. Perhaps.
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