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Hi wikiloopers

I enjoy playing cover tunes !!! If you like to play cover tunes I have tracks from the computer games guitar hero, band hero. With these tracks you can take out the instruments you want by using audacity and then you can play along with the artist. Vocals and all It's like sitting in with artist like AC DC, Black Sabbath, Doors, CCR, Lynrd Skynrd, and many others. So what I am getting at is if you would like to jam to cover tunes I could send you the files VIA email so you could do so. Note These are copyrighted and can not for any reason be used here on wikiloops. Don't post here and cause problems to this great site we have Thanks to Dick and his crew. So If interested let me know what tracks you may want and I will see if I have them and send them to you.

Dave aka Rickplayer
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Great idea ! Thanks !
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Interesting Dave,

Guess it begs to ask, how do you get them (originally) , can we do the same,
and are they multi-track ?
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