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sufi recording project 2015

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As I have mentioned to some, I've had the honor to tour & record with a quite interesting project this year.
Now that we seem to be done with the Album (its in production these days), I'd like to share some of it with you here.

First, there's the video recorded in fez, morocco in early 2015 (yes, thats me holding the daf):

and besides that, there are some audio snippets from the rest of the album found on [url=http://www.abdulmalikdyck.de/music.php]abdulmaliks homepage[/url], theres some quite nice rhobab & tasty tabla sessions on that record... let me admit that I am quite happy about the overall outcome of the recording, but have a listen yourself if you like :)

I have introduced Abdulmalik to wikiloops as we were sharing the hotel rooms on tour, and we've been discussing to put the "[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otgNKsDv_o4]Assalamu Aleyka[/url]" lyric track into an open remix process (I'd do the dub version, lol). Let me know if there is anyone interested out there :)
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This is a very lovely video. Only wish that I could have seen it with better quality. The music is obviously devotional and embodies the peace and tranquility that I associate with the Sufi sect.

Thank you for posting this and letting us share in these other activities that fill out your life.
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this like Wade said is a great and lovely video. I myself did not have any problems with the video. It was clear on my computer. Anyway thanks for sharing this with us I really enjoyed it. wish I new what was being sang. Sounds super cool and the music is obviously devotional and embodies the peace and tranquility like Wade had mentioned. Well Done
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love it all dick... thanks for sharing. i'm sure if abdulmalik goes loopy he'll get lots of joiners on his templates...i'd sure be one!:)
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I've long been interested in Islam and hearing its beautiful recitations of the Qu'ran. In Judaism there is a fixed "melody" - trope, or cantillation, it's called - for each particular reading. Is it the same in Islam or is there freedom to "sing" verses under personal interpretation? And a myth I held is now smashed - I didn't think instruments were permissible (other than the daf, which I thought was even somewhat controversial) and yet here's this young fellow playing the keys.

Anyway, all of that aside, this is beautiful. He definitely seems to go to a nice place when performing.
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Ya man - i would like to jam on this awesome track!! There is allready a bassline hammering in my head ;)

I like the way this song combines oriental music with an european style - realy great!!

Oh - btw - i need a translation from the vocals to understand what he is singing about;)
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Tha bass has to be a lil louder...!
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I came from a family with 2 different religions background, but even I choose to stay in the (free zone) listening to the music that made to praise the "One" always become a sweet pleasure for my heart, just like listening and watching the beauty of your post Dick. The video & the music made a perfect match, it came together wonderfully, and give that warm and calm all mu senses. Thank you for sharing this to us .
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