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Hi from South Brittany (France)

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I discovered Wikiloops a few days ago and I'm afraid I'm already addict !

I learn bass online for nearly two years now with great Scott's Bass Lessons. Still a real beginner thus, as I didn't play guitar neither. I have a lot of time to practice, as I work part-time but I realize that it's a long way to go to become as good as I wish ! And I'm not so young anymore ...

As I like to build what I need, I designed and built my own bass with the help and advices of a luthier friend of mine :-)

Well, I already have a lot of fun being here and I'm sure this will increase with skills !

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Hi Gwenrann-V glad you found the wiki welcome aboard
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Scott is great! Here is another great bass instruction site:
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Pure fingerstyle
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Bienvenu Gwen
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welcome bienvenue ! love this part of our lovely bretagne :)
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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and a welcome from me as well Gwenrann-V:)
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Bienvenue !
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Welcome to the 'loops Gwennrann!
when reading your introduction, I felt like asking you to
tell scott wikiloops said hi - I've tried to get in touch with him
about wikiloops once, seems to be a cool dude, but never replied ;)

Post some pics or a link to some pics of your self-built(s), there is quite a few builders among the wikiloops crowd (including myself), so that would be nice to check out :)
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Welcome, and I too would be interested on the build.
I started a POST YOUR RIG thread, maybe stop in and share there too.
Have fun , and let's get Looping !

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Not been here too long myself, and this is an awesome, and friendly place, with no egos to get in the way of jamming. I think you will really enjoy being here, I know I do !

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Hey all !
I'm so confused I never came back to this thread, so I never read nor answer your posts. Sorry :(
Thank you all for welcoming me.

Well, for those who asked about my selfmade bass, you can have a look at the small dedicated website : [url=http://moy.company.free.fr] http://moy.company.free.fr[/url] . I'm glad to announce that #2 is on its way. It will be a self-designed 5 strings, 33" bass with a walnut/ash/walnut body, in a P/J pickup configuration.

Dick, I suspend my Scott's Bass Lessons membership because I need time to learn the loads of videos and lessons ... So I have no access to his forum anymore. Sorry

Cheers !

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