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Hello from Perth

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Hi All,

My name is Mark and joined wikiloops about 2 months ago however I discovered the forum part now. I'm not social media or forum savvy at all!

Jeebsie is a nickname I got 15 years ago from the first band I was in

I play bass guitar and my main instrument is a P Bass. I have a Lakland, status, cort Rithimic and a 5 string jazz bass.

I'm not trained in music theory or had lessons at all but have jammed and gigged for 10years +and have worked out what does and doesn't sound good but jamming here has been great because some tracks have required me to look up what the chord descriptions mean:) and put the theory into practice.

Everyone I have interacted with has been really great and supportive.

I look forward to jamming with everyone in the future as our paths cross.

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Hi Mark welcome to the wikiloops enjoy your stay
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Hi Mark, Welcome !
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Hey Mark, nice to have you with us, have fun :)
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Welcome, Mark!
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Welcome on board !
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Thank you to everyone:)
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