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My Name is Frank.

I am from Philadelphia Pa. USA

Big Music Town

Jazz-Blues-Soul-Rock-Pop-Classical-and Believe It Country Too.

I Grew Up in a Home where Music Was Always On.

My Parents, although Neither ever Played an Instrument, Instilled in me A Great Love Of All Genres of Music.

With Music you are Never Too Young or Too Old.
And there's always something New to Learn.

Music has taught me to be Very Tolerant and Opened Minded and Accepting of Others and what I believe very Conducive to a Peaceful and Happy Life,as long as you Stay Humble.

I've Listened to and Played a Ton of Music over the Years and Believe you Can Absolutely Learn Something from Everyone.

I have been here on Wikiloops as much as I am able over the past few years and believe me,it only keeps getting better.

Well with all that said, I just wanted to introduce myself a bit and say what a Great Job Dick Kaiser and the Rest of the Wikiloop Crew are doing.

Thanks For Being Here.
You Make For A Better Day.

Frank "the Santa" from Philly, Pa
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Welcome Frank, (even though you have been here) :)
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Thanks MasterK
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Welcome to the wiki enjoy the many artist here
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"Making music on WikiLoops is what binds us all! Thanks for the great rides all! "

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