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Maybe a feature to keep track of a template/remix and get notified when there's been an addition when you're not part of the remixes? I could have used this feature in the past.
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Yes, that could be a nice thing to have - although I must say I have trouble listening to all those songs that are posted by people I follow...too many a t times. Some of them are serial uploaders :)
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hey all -
the idea is a nice one, but it is a bit hard to tell how usefull it would be.
The chances of the user experience being as good as you imagine is questionable:
Lets assume you have clicked on "follow this song" ten times.
There is absolutely no telling if there will be remixes at all, so chances are the user experience might be: "oh, that never worked, I dont use that function anymore". (same effect when following people who are no longer active, btw)

The opposite may also be the case: If one out of your initial ten tracks attracts quite a lot of remixes (some of them potentially not all that good), you wont find anything but these remixes on your newsfeed, and would like to "unfollow that song" quite soon.

Many of us have the experience of "I dont like my newsfeed too much, some of the people I follow just post too much stuff", but few people care to "unfollow" to clean up a bit...

unfollowing a track would be even less intuitive to do I'm affraid...
maybe it would be wise to either limit the number of tracks one can follow, or to make the track-follow state only valid for a certain amount of time (p.e. 2 weeks) to avoid cluttering... I'm not all convinced it will be a great feature tbh, but keep thinking :)
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I agree with you Dick, a limiting factor might be a good idea. Having a few limiting factors is a good idea. Maybe even both... I would give it a try though.
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