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I'm new here!

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Hello everyone! First let me start off by saying that I am extremely excited that my searching through the Internet landed me here on this amazing site! I am a bassist. I have been writing a lot of pop/punk stuff recently and I decided to take to the Internet in hopes of finding musicians that would be willing to lay down tracks on my project. I already have most of stuff done like drums,bass and guitar either through the help of local musicians or loops. So if any vocalists,keyboardist or lead guitarists would like to help me out that would be absolutely perfect. I've got about 4 songs right now I'm working on for my EP I'll post them on here as soon as I get done with the mixing and mastering.

I am new to recording myself and everything that comes along with that so if some my tracks levels aren't right either too loud or not loud enough please let me I am more than willing to take any help I can get.

I enjoy playing all styles of music from rock to pop and I look forward to utilizing this website to further my musicianship!
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Welcome TimmyG
Enjoy the wiki lots of fun here
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Hi there TimmyG welcome to the loops from me :) Have fun !
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Welcome! Can't wait to hear your stuff!
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Welcome from me too :)
RockinĀ“ in a free world !
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yeah, welcome in the world of music...
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Welcome Timmy, looking forward hearing your stuff :)
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Welcome on board !
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Hi there TimmyG, welcome!! :)
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welcome to the loops, Timmy!
Concerning your EP project, please do yourself the favor and either post these tracks in the private band segment, or make sure to get familiar with the licensing model used on wikiloops - if you are aiming to create a commercial release and marketing your project, having those tracks licensed on wikiloops may turn out to be a pitfall.
There is nothing wrong about our licensing model here, but labels are not likely to buy material that is open and free to download on some website... just sayin' :)
have fun around here, and don't forget to collaborate with others on their material as well :)
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