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been awhile since ive been active....

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Work, hunting season, and yup more work is most of the reason i havent been around much! lol

Got good news tho, been working w/ my e-kits and i think i'm about ready to finally upload some drum tracks to all the great music iv'e heard around this site!! I found out this morning that the whole time since i added the mixer board that i had most everything hooked up wrong and wasn't able to get a decent sounding recording!! sad aint it? lol anyway here's a pic of my setup now and hope to be adding to the mix soon!! i know i can't hold a candle to most of the drummers on here but hey , it's all practice right??
R_T_71 attached the following image:

Everything is practice :)
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Hi there R_T_71, looking forward to hearing ! :)
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Your kit looks great man! Love to hear you play on it!


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Nice Kit glad your back to jam
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Drummers are in high demand, most of us have a bunch of tracks with no drums on them. I appreciate the thumbs you have given me too. I'll be looking for your stuff, I do a lot of bass on drum tracks
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Loving the electronic kit, acoustic cymbals setup. Should sound great! I'm going to ask, though, what all the pedals are for! 3 right, 3 left? Tell me what they're for!
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lol mostly for looks atm , they came w/ the kits so I figured why not use them... but my feet need a lot of work before I would be able to really use em.
Everything is practice :)
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ok , ive got this thing as tweaked as much as I can with what I got and considering it is all pretty much low end I have decided just to ask who would like some drums to their song?i figured it would be better just to ask so the ones that have a serious take on their song don't get mad at me cause it doesn't sound that good..lol just post em here and ill "attempt" to play them. I prefer songs around 80 to 140 bpm do to my own limitations.
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Everything is practice :)
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