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I didn't realise drummers could be such ********s!

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Stumbled across [url=http://www.drummerworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76639]this thread[/url] from Dick trying to drum up (no pun intended) some interest in the 'loops on the Drummerworld forum whilst I was searching the 'net for something else. I'll leave you to decide what to think of some of the early responders on that thread...

Suffice to say shame on them and hats off to Dick for not taking the bait!
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Yeah that was bad, but they clearly see Wikiloops as a place to give away backing tracks for free. Those people who want to monetize their skills object to that idea. The problem is they failed to see Wikiloops as what it really is: An online jam session where anyone can jump in or start a jam. They apparently never heard about that functionality, they only heard that their tracks were going to be given away for free to the world. YOu know how some artists are in that regard. They think their work is a gift from god, and has real monetary value.

That's obviously part of that reaction. But yes, those guys were very hostile.
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lol, funny someone would stumble onto that thread years later...
yes, that was everything but a nice experience, as you may imagine. I made some quite different experiences on musicians communities in those early days, and it did teach me some things on what kind of attitudes one finds among musicians... I remember some guitar forums which weren't less destructive.
On the funny side of things, I also recall one musicians forum from germany where they had a thread going in 2011 that was all about "Shouldn't we start some kind of backingtrack collaboration" / "yeah, lets do that" / "Oh, yeah, I'm in!" / "So, who will post a first track?" and so on... I've had a look, and they are actually STILL discussing (four years later) and sometimes attaching recordings in that forum thread... that made me smile a bit.
A forum just isn't convenient to use for such a purpose, thats what I felt when starting to work on the wikiloops interface back then, and some 45k tracks later, it seems I wasn't all wrong about that :)

Last thought: I really do appreciate you guys "talking about" wikiloops in the communities you are part of. I've seen other threads where a simple "y, have a look at wikiloops!" lead to twenty people giving thanks about the hint to the loops.
If you don't know there is something out there, you just dont google it, so getting the word out is always a good deed :)
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Too true, Dick. I did post about the 'loops in another popular drummer's forum and was just ignored. I'm not on that forum any more as it was just so unbelievably cliquey. If you weren't part of the 'crew' it seemed your opinion just didn't matter. And God forbid I offered advice or tips: that was just arrogance, apparently.

I find their whole response odd considering how many players out there want music to practice to, minus their particular instrument. And there are plenty of threads on Drummerworld asking for this, some even offering links to torrents... As you know, myself and many, many other members here found Wikiloops whilst looking for exactly what they want! But these people want 'name' commercial tracks minus the relevant instrument which is as close-minded as it is questionable from a legal perspective. The irony of their reaction to you is as obvious as it is clearly wasted. It's basically:

"I won't give my music away for free but I don't mind ripping off other's to further myself"...

And Girard: absolutely bang-on and it's so sad that musicians can be so short-sighted. They are, frankly, doing music for all the wrong reasons. I do it for love and enjoyment and, if I get a few pennies along the way such as gigs, etc., then it's a bonus! Of course I'd love to make money from it but a truly liveable wage only happens to the lucky and hard-working few.

I've met many, many 'name' drummers over the years, largely because I was the staff writer for the UK's Rhythm Magazine in the mid-90s. These players have gigged the biggest stadiums in the world, played in front of hundreds of thousands of people and all, with the single exception of a certain drummer in a popular metal band who tried to sue his own fans, are the nicest, humblest and most down-to-earth musicians I've ever met. And all are just as happy playing in a jazz club as they are playing the Shoreline Ampitheater. And all genuinely appreciate the luck they've had getting to where they are.

Ahh well, all the more room for the rest of us.
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Jeder Mathematiklehrer weiss, dass die anderen Mathematiklehrer auch rechnen können. In Wikiloops gilt das Gleiche und man hört es täglich...Dinge tun exakt, wofür sie geschaffen sind. Ein Musiker lebt ja nicht von seiner Musik, sondern nur von seinen Musikrechten! André Kostolany zitiert den Zigeuner: "ka Geld, ka Musik". Lesenswert. In 15 Jahren musizieren nur noch Roboter oder Zigeuner... :-)
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Makes me wonder how much money those guys actually are making of their drumming... and how much they will be making in 10 years in that way..

And it would also be quite interesting to compare the quality of their tracks with for example mpointons or dafunkydrummers here...
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On the positive side:
When I mentioned Wikiloops in "Sax On The Web" (greatest Sax-Forum), we got some very interested people, like Wade, and Milachica and some others B)
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nilton wrote:
Makes me wonder how much money those guys actually are making of their drumming... and how much they will be making in 10 years in that way..

And it would also be quite interesting to compare the quality of their tracks with for example mpointons or dafunkydrummers here...

Thank you Nilton I agree! They are probably broke AND not as good as the Wikidrummers varsity team
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in this forum it was a creative and friendly discussion, I remember other treads ( may be in a german guitar forum) that was not friendly.
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