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Feature introduction: wikiloops Albums

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Hello there,

I'm currently working on the wikiloops 8.0 update, which will hopefully become available during the next few weeks.
Today, I'd like to "leak" some info about a new feature which is included that has been keeping me busy for quite some days now.

For those who like to think along a little, here is a chance to suggest adding certain things I might have not considered so far - I'd definetly appreciate that :)

Let me give you an overview of what a wikiloops Album is meant to be:

wikiloops albums can be understood as a form of playlist+extras which can be created and published on wikiloops - I have no intention of producing "real" physical albums, just to avoid confusion right away :)

The intention is simple: Some of us have a list of 500 tracks on their profiles, and grouping (some of) them into albums will make it easier to keep these growing archives organized.
Pure listeners will also apreciate being invited to check out your albums as opposed to have to dig thru your list of uploads - since wikiloops albums will have a unique link to them, it will be easy to share them with people outside WL, who would be rather overwehelmed by the "online jam" part of wikiloops.
When creating an album, you are not bound to just your own tracks, one might as well create an album in which he or she is not participating at all, but which serves some other aim - be it some kind of "most liked mixtape" or a practise tracks collection to practise a certain technique or instrument.
I'd love to see albums like "blues for chromatic harp" just as well as others.

Besides being reknown as a musician, one may as well show some skill as some kind of "label guy with a fine taste for good music" who assembles listen-worthy albums on wikiloops - so there is yet another field of activity added to the site.

1st Albums have a share-able web adress of their own
2nd allow a cover image, title and description
3rd may be downloaded as a whole album, wrapped as a .zip file
4th may be reviewed & rated, including notification of the album assembler via newsfeed
5th a seperate set of audio files will be created, which will include the album cover artwork and your album title in the mp3s tags, so albums remain consistent when listened to in an offline media player.
6th these album-audiofiles may be "trimmed" to cut away pre-clicks and ending silences to provide a smoother listening experience
7th for a professional look, track titles may be edited before publishing an album. The quite common "+ Bass" etc titles of the online jam part just dont look any good on an album cover... so the album assembler may edit those.
8th depending on the features popularity, the latest published / reviewed albums may be presented on the wikiloops startpage.

Albums must feature at least 4 and a maximum of 14 tracks
A cover picture must be supplied to allow publishing
this feature will be available to the supporting members first

The title-edit / change option is a bit strange at first, since it will lead to the same track being available under two different names on WL.
We will make sure to give the due credit, and offer the original "working title" + wikiloops track ID so it will still be possible to traceback the tracks correctly.
This seems the best approach to allow album creation on a high quality level.
Are there objections/thoughts about this?

Would you like to be notified about "your track "XYZ" has just been published on Baers Album "Sace of the year" ", or is that too much information? I'm always a bit wary about notifications, some users may get just a little too much of those :/

Last - I've been thinking to offer some kind of "tracklist printout"-option for people who like to make physical copies of their albums.
A copy-paste template including track numbers, (album-)track-titles, WL-IDs and the participants names for license compliance... maybe thinking too far here,
but that can be created quite easily out of the database, while it would be a mess to have to research that manually....whatcha think? christmas coming, too... lol

thanks for all feedback! And - yes, you may secretly prepare a first album-to-be playlist, albums will start that way
(collect playlist -> turn into album draft -> edit -> publish)

have a nice start into the wikiend yall :)
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Fantastic idea!!! I will definitely give it a go when it's ready :)
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sounds great, will the albums be featured on your page? Sounds like a great way to check out peoples music catalog. Thanks.
rp3 (Raymond)
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Oh Mann Dick, du hast dir wirklich eine Menge Arbeit mit dieser Idee gemacht und das, was du uns jetzt als Entwurf präsentierst ist echt der HAMMER ;o)
Mindestens 100 Daumen dafür ;o)
Ich finde alle deine Ansätze gut, auch den mit der Info wenn jemand einen eigenen add bei sich auf einem Album veröffentlicht hat.
Ich bin gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen ;o)
Friedrich Nietzsche: "Without music, life would be a mistake."
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Super! Bin echt gespannt.
Rockin´ in a free world !
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love the concept and announced features already :)
as far as i can think i'd say i would be happy to know somebody picked a track i'm part of for an album ... the notification won't bother me !
and what if i'd have a better mix/mastering than the existing posted track ? oh and also the hd topic ! would it be possible to upload a hd version of this mix ? it might get out of hand though ;)
cool work buddy !!
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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Hey Dick,

Think that is a very cool idea indeed! I'm with OliVBee, I wouldn't mind receiving a message when one of the tracks I anticipated in was put on an album!

I like the idea! It's also cool that there is a limit between 4 and 14 track for an album!

Good thinking!

Looking forward and thanks!

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Great concept, I like it.
- I'm the one who would prefer to have less notifications. That's just me.
- Album art work: Is copyright an issue? Taking some photo out of the net can be trouble.

Thanks, Dick, for the hard brain work!
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@oli - to keep the amount of needed work & created confusion within limits, I will not offer a seperate uploading procedure to upload tracks that shall go onto an album, but not into the public jam - you'd basicly have to post the HD remix to be able to get it onto the album.
I've been thinking about this as well (if someone wanted to "moderate" a radio channel, he'd like to upload non-jamming moderation audio to go between tracks), but I think I'll leave that for now... that would be a great but seldomly used feature, maybe sometime later...

@lutz - I am aware of the notification flood some users would receive (especially the drummers), so we'll have to solve this carefully. Definetly no unwanted email notification, maybe a small newsfeed item...
I have been wondering if it would make sense to bring the "stop following this user" otion right on the newsfeed, too - I know this seems a little rude, but it might as well let people realise that having some followers is also a responisbility not to post thoughtlessly. I've been troubled by that a lot when doing test uploads - you certainly dont want to notify your followers about that. Keeping peoples newsfeeds clean is a major task and quite difficult - either, users have to check a lot of options to express what they like to be notified about (people dont like that), or I'd have to go the facebook way and analyze if you dont interact with certain newsfeed items, and silently surpress these items in the future - that would be a kind of "semi-intelligent silent unfollow"... people would certainly appreciate the result, but I have some doubts about that.

Cover-art copyrights are (of course) to be thouht about - since this is the same problem with avatars and any other pictures you upload anywhere, I dont feel it requires much more than a friendly reminder not to use someone elses cover... good point tho!
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@ Dick that is certainly a very cool and interesting idea. Wikiloops just keeps getting better...thank you so much :)
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Das klingt echt super Dick. Bin sehr gespannt und ein dickes Dankeschön für all Deine Arbeit hier in den Loops.... :)
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Love the idea and all the upgrades so far and see the direction you are taking the wikiloops for the future.
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Just a quick update here...
I have been setting up a test page for the new features (expect it to be bugged = it is not done yet) which you may have a look at if you want.
To finally answer rp3s' question: yes, there is something to feature your albums (and some more things) on your profile, called the "showcase", which will replace the "about me" tab.
Just have a look at my profile on said beta version [url=http://www.dev.wikiloops.com/artist/Dick.php]here[/url] if you like and let me know whatcha think :)

Album creation & single pages to view/share albums are pretty much good to go,
I'll only have to add the participant notification to the album creation process.
What is still missing is the "latest albums" feed on the homepage and options to view / search albums by text search... I'll go on with these aspects, next.
Must say I do like the added pic gallery on the profiles, its just nice to have some decent place to add the instrument/recording setup pictures (or whatever else)...

looking foreward to your feedback - and please do not get lost on the beta domain, but return to wikiloops.com after a look around :)
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Sounds like a fantastic idea! I don't mind being notified if I'm added to an album - I'm sure, like the other features of WL, if you can turn them off it won't be a problem. Alternatively, provide in, perhaps the news page or another tab, an 'Albums I Feature On' list?
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hey :)
I think I'll go with a solution similar to what you point towards, martin:
Showing a list of "Albums I'm featured on" in your playlist tab seems a good way to solve it - one can have a look there if one wants, but they don't show up too large on your profile if you dont want them to.
A newsfeed notification item is also intended, but no extra email notification... I think thats a good way to start, as always we'll have to see how things develop :)
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Looks great, I like the extra pictures too.
I don't mind notifications similar to when someone writes me a message or upload, I probably would click to find out where and what.

I suppose you could add it to the news feed, you can always turn off the option there if you don't want to see it?
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Great stuff!
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Wann geht es los Dick, ich bin schon heiß wie Frittenfett ;o)
Friedrich Nietzsche: "Without music, life would be a mistake."
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I've been working on the auto-generated license info & printable cover, [url=http://www.wikiloops.com/forum/images/The+Songs+of+MrSnuts+Album+Cover.pdf]heres a preview[/url]

I went for .pdf so the format will fit into standard jewelcase CD boxes regardless of printer - hope this will also work in non-a4 paper format countries as the US, i think it should...
Edited by Dick on December 15 2015 16:59
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That's brilliant, Dick! Top work!
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