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Remixes without HD

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I know - I keep turning up here!

Just an idle thought... There's plenty of tracks I'd love to remix but some or all of the musicians don't have HD stems available. At the moment I have to message them individually. Would it be possible to have some kind of 'Request HD' or 'Request individual takes' button on the mix page or even the download pop-up? Those that haven't uploaded HD stems would then be messaged with the request. Perhaps make it a supporting member-only feature so people aren't swamped?

Alternatively, could you allow up to, say, 6 people be group messaged?

Feel free to ignore me for suggesting more work for you!
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hey Martin, I agree with you on this point, especially as a drummer when people group together a guitar/bass track with a drum sample. Would be nice to have the separate track. One issue I have is I live in Myanmar, and the internet is poor and you also have to pay for every MB. The HD tracks seem to be 3 to 4x larger then the regular tracks. Could this be adjusted? Thanks...

rp3 (Raymond)
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Hmmm. I see two issues here:
The bandwidth issue mentioned by rp is valid, uploading the HD wav file takes forever, which is one of the reasons why many people chose not to do that. One might as well upload a second "my instrument only" small mp3 file - that would suit martins remix needs, but be a lot easier to do, bandwidth wise. It doesn't really justify the "HD" title, then, tho.

Concerning ANY kind of "request XY" function, I am quite sure we do not really want to have that.
The most obvious "missing" feature would be a "request remix by" button, to request the best players on the loops to add to your track... think about it for a second:
Well known players on the loops might get asked to remix / share HD / whatever else multiple times a day, which would quickly turn into an annoying experience.
I receive HD requests to tracks I recorded four years ago frequently enough, and its saddening to have to tell people all over again these tracks are long gone.
I have tried to avoid any kind of feature that allows bugging each other - anyone is free to do as he or she likes, which includes the decision to attach HD files.
I know requesting them by PM does feel inconvenient, if it keeps people from spamming each other with careless requests, then I feel that is a good protection.
If it was just one "request HD files"-button click, people like Dafunkydrummer or Shi would receive 30 such messages a day, that just is not what I'd call fun.
Hope you see where I'm coming from on this issue :)
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What I think would be nice would be the ability to upload a a single stem (HD or otherwise) later, when requested, either as a real upload or by adding a link to a url to for instance dropbox, so that subsequent people can also find the single stem even if it was provided later and not during the original upload.
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I like Joe's suggestion
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