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Feature introduction: wikiloops Gallery

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Yes, the next update will feature the option to upload images into a gallery, which will be available within the so called "Showcase" area on your profile. More info on the showcase will follow in a seperate thread.

These pictures may be "thumbed" and commented by other users,
and you will receive newsfeed infos if that happens (no email notification).

Your followers will not be notified when you add new pictures - they chose to follow you to be notified about your music, so we will have to find a way to work this out in the future - either by treating different ways of follow-interest differently (maybe distinguish "friendship" and "follower" or something like that). Thats up to solve for the future.

Now there is one thing I included which you may please give feedback if you like:
Besides the individual galleries on the user profiles, there will be one "central" gallery page as well, on which you may click your way thru any pictures regardles of who uploaded them.
The uploader is of course named, and will be notified on any reaction to his pictures just as if they were viewn on his profile.
I imagine this "stream" of images may be something nice to flip thru as one listens to some music... but of course users should be aware that their pictures are not only available on their profiles.

Any uploaded picture will be public (like you avatars etc), but that central gallery may feel a bit different from having them on ones profile...
what do you think?

Here's two links to the BETA test site where you can preview the gallery - on to my profile featuring the first wikiloops user gallery ever - [url=http://www.dev.wikiloops.com/artist/Dick.php]here[/url]
and the second leading to the "central" gallery mentioned above - [url=http://www.dev.wikiloops.com/gallery.php?pic=51]here[/url]

looking foreward to your feedback!
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First time I've seen the dev version of Wikiloops. Loving all the new features you're adding, Dick. This is top, top work. I love the way WL is becoming a social network for musicians. I get so much more satisfaction from WL than, say, Facebook. :) Great stuff.
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Yes, I love it. There has been a lot of new things in the last weeks, brilliant!
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This is great Dick. Would it be possible to link a photo to a new song? Maybe when you open up the new song the picture is there...so the pics could be kinda themed to the song you create (ex. song called sunface, I attach a picture of the sun)...
rp3 (Raymond)
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Hey rp :)
As for now, interlinking the gallery with per-track-images is not supported. It is a nice idea, but leads to a huge amount of extra work -
you would basicly have to offer the following optons within the upload process:
a ) choose existing image from gallery & connect that and
b ) upload a new picture in case you forgot to add it to your gallery prior to uploading
It IS a nice to have feature in the long run, but leads to such an abundance of new problems (what to show if user didnt upload any picture? Where to display that on the interface? What if some image gets deleted by the user...) that I will have to delay this a little.

The whole uploading process is a bit over-filled with options and info already, adding more and more options will not necessarily lead to users using these features, so I believe I will have to reorganize the whole uploading process a bit before adding stuff there...
not nay-saying, just stating some reasons why I consider this a major change :)
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I've been off awhile but cannot find the gallery upload anymore even clicking on the links above. Any suggestions?
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Hey Relativity,
there is a quite simple explanation for that, thanks for asking.
Starting with the wikiloops 10 verion release this summer,
the previous "supporting member" status has been subject of a sub-split into two segments of supporting membership,
namedly the "basic unlimited collaborator" (silver star) and
the "premium supporting member" (gold star).
The profile "showcase" feature which includes the image gallery introduced in this thread in 2015 is only avaliable in the "premium" segment, as it is displayed on the membership plans comparison page, here:

When a user donates via the donation page like you did recently,
the system will have to handle the choice of membership level automaticly by turning the chosen amount into the level and the timeframe for which it shall be applied.
That works like this:
As displayed on the membership plans page, the monthly price for the "basic collaborator" level is at $5,
the premium membership is at $10.
Donations below $10 will result in "basic collaborator" status,
anything above will be turned into "premium", so that is the technical reason why you ended up without a showcase turned on.

Since you are a long term member & supporter of wikiloops and were probably surprised by the changes explained here, I'll turn your status to premium for the remaining timeframe as a goodwill-solution (I'm missing the correct english word here, sorry), and you'll know what is going on when that times out in a few weeks.
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Why thank you! I recently donated but didnt pay attention to that. I guess i will have to correct that immediatley and become a Premo Member.

Does being a premium member entitle me to VIP access to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ?

Thank you, Ill remedy that sometime today.
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Relativity wrote:
Does being a premium member entitle me to VIP access to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry ?

Just the opposite, it allows you to use wikiloops without having to think about them ;)
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