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Feature introduction: wikiloops Showcase

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The Showcase will replace / extend the "about me"-tab on the profiles of supporting members.

While the standard behaviour untill now was to show a profile visitor your list of tracks (if you have any) or your "about me" info if you do not have any tracks,
the "showcase" will be presented first instead.

The idea is to be able to configure what your profile visitors will stumble upon first instead of showing them a long list of tracks.

How it works:
There is a new button featuring a star which is displayed in your list of tracks,
and in your list of public albums.
By clicking that "star" icon, the item is added to your showcase - it may be removed or replaced by un-starring it.

additional features:
The showcase also includes the Image-Gallery feature - for those who like to showcase some instruments or their recording setup (or whatever else)

Your bio / recording setup / instruments text info and the followers / stats boxes from the "about me" tab will be displayed as well - if you want them to show up there.
You may hide the statistic boxes (who you follow, number of tracks/thumbs/listens, who is following you) from the public by utilizing the newly added "visibility"-button.
There is an "eye"-icon displayed wihin the headlines of these items, which you may use to hide these boxes if you wish.

You may use the preview links to the BETA test site offered in the Gallery & Album feature threads to have a first look at the showcase if you like.
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awesome work Dick!
rp3 (Raymond)
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