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New Year Resolutions

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What's yours? Mine's simple: to get back adding here like I used to.

I could do more traditional ones like giving up smoking but I'd rather do one I want to stick to!
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mine is simple too : grow ! think i'll start with hair, teeth and legs ...
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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You're not short on hair, sir! Whereas I am! That's one resolution I cannot manage!
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Mine would be play more bass and enjoy life to the fullest!!!
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Mine is 100% growing a goatee.
since i was 16 i wanted to do that, but the damn beard never came!

but now i can see progress haha! \m/

i know it's abit silly but meh ;p
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Since my concussion in July, My New Years resolution was to be able to bend down to tie my boots without getting a headache, so far its still a challenge! :@
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