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key - chord finder in search

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any way , or am I missing it ? , to add a key finder to sort tracks. I play native flutes of different keys and it would be helpful to search for a given flutes key. for instance... for the f# flute I play I need to search a long time to find music in f#... any thoughts? Maybe a seach of the hierarchy of the posted chords or key to at least get a generalized search for proper key results in search..?? .. thanks Chris hififlutes....
love your site !!
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Hey :)
Of course you are absolutely right - a search by keys would be most convenient, both to people playing wind instruments or to people who would like to practise a certain key on any other instrument.
There used to be a seperate data field to enter a tracks key within the upload process in some earlier version of wikiloops... the problem I was not able to solve so far is this:
If people do not take the time to enter any usefull data in such fields, I can provide the best of search engines and people will still not find anything relevant.
I have asked several people if it would be possible to analyze given chord information in a way to find out which key a tune is in, but as far as I have understood, this is not possible. Quite a few members of wikiloops (including myself) are players with limited in-depth harmonic wisdom, so it seemed to be impossible to get the "key" information from them in the past.

My best shot to improve the chord-search in the long run was to add the "thumb for chords" option - I'm hoping we will be able to offer tracks with good chord descriptions by spotting them by their chord-ratings - there simply is no other way to teach a server to distinguish some decent chord information from people entering "just play whatever you feel like" into the chord description box...

So, summarized, yes, you are right. I'd love to do it, but the "human factor" ( = users are a bit lazy...) has to be considered here :)
It may be worth another attempt, if the feature is well presented and people understand that their chance to get remixed gets better the more info they provide, maybe the needed motivation will arise. Huge project there once more.
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