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time for lazy people who dislike thinking too much

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any way to add a on page clock showing time in Germany. we have no reference for time change exept by thinking too much about it.. But if we had a clock showing real wiki time which all people can see.. .. ONE wikitime for all. then I know how long ago something happened without thinking too much LOL Thanks Chris
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Well what time zone should be the official wikiloops time zone then? :p not that i can do anything about it, but im just wondering?
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if wiki is based in Germany then German time zone. it matters none what time zone is used... just that we are all able to see the same relative time..... that's more clear... thx
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Hey there,
the times displayed on WL are indeed german timezone, and yes, adding some kind of world-clock somewhere is indeed something that I have been considering - to display that in a good way does take a lot of interface-space tho, so I never went after the idea... i'll consider it once more.
The easiest way to check what time it is on wikiloops is to say "hello" via shoutbox - the shout will display the current time on the server :)
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