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view counter adds me as a new view

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Hi, wondering if there is a way to limit the view counter to register only one count for myself on initial visit only. then count me no more when I access that page again...... currently the counter adds another visit every time I access one of my own tracks, therefore I have a hard time getting an actual thumbs to views ratio figured. I tend to look at tracks after I receive a compliment and each time It counts as another page visit. which it is... I just do not want to be counted as a visitor more than once. I may access a posting 10 times and therefore It shows as 10 extra visitors whilst it really was not..... any chance? thanks Chris
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of course this could be done, the reasons the counter acts the way you observed is quite simple:
To be able to distinguish your (or anyone elses) first visit from following ones,
it would take some kind of data collection in which the system would need to keep track of all tracks you have visited once.
Whenever you visit a track, it would have to look up wether this is your first visit and mark the track as "visited by you" if there is no record of a prior visit.
Imagine a database keeping track of which of the 33k users has visited which of the 50k tracks - that would be enough of a database to seriously slow down the servers performance right there.
To keep records of visits by people who are not signed in to WL as well, one would have to record their IP adresses to distinguish a unique track visitor - such a solution would collide with our data privacy policy, which prohibits this kind of data collection.
I do not want to go into technical detail too far, bottom line is:
Any solution to improve the per track statistics comes with so much extra server load that I'm carefull about that.
One would need a seperate statistics server to cope with that... so it comes down to being a budget issue in the end :/
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What HiFiFlutes seems to suggest though is not a full unique tracking system, which I can see would be potentially quite complex, but just not to count visits of the track owned by a particular user if the visitor of the track is that exact user. This could be a lot simpler (if current_user == track_owner ignore, else increase visit counter); whether this is worthwhile though remains to be seen, number of visits seems to primarily depend on the time of day the track gets posted and how many people are following you, not necessarily track quality in whatever shape or form, which seems what the OP is after.
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