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Excluding instruments used in sequencers

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Hi there,

As a bass player, I love the feature to search for tunes that don't contain a bass part. The problem is, lots of "sequencer" instruments contain bass parts, and indeed many other instruments. So I get lots of results for tracks that do contain bass parts.

I'd love to see a feature where sequencer tracks identify what instruments they contain, so that when I do a search for songs without bass (or piano or whatever), it also excludes any sequencer instruments that contain a bass part. I hope that makes sense!

Does such a feature exist?

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Hey Maxxx,
To avoid the problem you have mentioned, "sequencer" tracks are excluded from search results as soon as you use the "exclude X" filter of the search engine.
The "Sequencer" declaration is a kind of wildcard stating nothing but "the instruments used here are not stated" - this is why we try to encourage people to upload only one added instrument per remix, and rather add two seperate remixes then adding one remix including two instruments, labeled as sequencer.
The option to state instruments contained in a sequencer mix has been added some time ago, it is not being used to generate this kind of search result so far, and yes, this may indeed be added some time.
With close to 10.000 tracks which are precisely labeled and missing a bass, I'm not sure if this needs to be considered a high priority item, tho :)
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That's weird. I could've sworn I was getting sequencers in the "exclude bass" results. But now that I've looked again, you're right. The problem's not you, it's me :)

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