How about chat?

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Would be cool to have a proper chatroom - don't know about anyone else but I still use irc a bit, could maybe set up a channel?
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oh lord...

of course, you are right.
On the other hands - I hate dead chats, and they are a lot of work to monitor properly... and there is the shoutbox, which we use in a chat-like manner. I have been thinking to auto-refresh the shoutbox so its more chat like (right now, you need to reload the page or click on the shout icon to see new posts), but the refresh would cause a naughty click noise while you are listening to your jam... so I wont do that.
As for IRC, i have no idea how to set up such a chat, and to be honest, I wont promise to go there any time soon, if there is not many demanding for it... (feedback please!)
I have been thinking about founding a facebook group, which should allow groupchat. I know not everyone is a FB-fan, and I'm surely not encouraging anyone to go there... just thinking.

thanks for adding ideas!
If you could tell me more about irc would work, I'd be a bit smarter again :)
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Hi, i think the shoutbox is enough.
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Auto-refresh on that chatbox would be great but useless if it gets in the way of the jam.
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