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With the recent and very sad news of David Bowie's death, I'd like to draw your attention to one of my absolute favourite live recordings of all time. I will say right now, I'm not actually a David Bowie fan - never have been - but this gig epitomises everything that, to me, makes a truly great band. This is, quite literally, 'textbook musicianship' for me. One of those occasions where everything just went 'right'.

Admittedly, I learned a whole new respect for Bowie's music from this recording - hearing how good his songs are in a plain, band form rather than his famous shows. But it's more than that; listen to the backing band. Every one of them an exponent of their instrument - playing nothing more and nothing less than is absolutely needed. But executed to utter perfection. Sterling Campbell on drums is prefect - every rhythm, every fill is perfectly-judged and fits in a form that you cannot imagine it being done any other way. Yolanda Charles on bass - beautiful melodies but solid as a rock. They are an utter joy to listen to. A rhythm section to die for.

It doesn't matter whether you're a Bowie fan or not. Please listen to some or all of this. It is, to me, a pure education in how to play in a band. As I say, I never was a Bowie fan but I've listened to this recording so many, many times and I love it. His death has brought home to me how much value I place on this performance.

If you're a Bowie fan, listen to and love his fantastic musicianship laid bare. If you're not, listen and enjoy what happens when a band just gets it plain right.


Utter perfection in my book. If I could ever - ever - play just one gig to this quality I will be a happy man for ever more! And, despite being the super A-List star he was,I love how he thanks and appreciates his musicians. A gent.
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Great show - real pros.
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It would be nice to listen to it but as it ihas become normal for youtube these days, its been taken ddwn for copyright infringement....Grrrrrrrrrr
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Oh rats! That's been up there for a couple of years at least! They're obviously having a posthumous clamp-down whilst all his albums are raking it in again! :(
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