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wish: Upload PDF files with chords

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Imagine that you can upload a pdf file containing sheet music of whatever info you feel is usefull for whoever wants to participate in your jamm..wouldn't that be great?
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that's two wishes, and I can only grant one :)
Yes, it would be possible to allow upload of such .pdf attachments... no problem so far.
Problem would probably be that people won't use it as much as you would wish for, sorry to say it, but judged by the way people use the option to enter chord info, I'm not sure there is much demand on the uploaders end.
I'd see this as one of those features which seem nice to have, but which also go stale easily.
There's also a chance of people uploading copyrighted lead-sheet pdf's... I'm a bit carefull about this one, but I'll remain open to argument and others opinions :)
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I normally transcribe all my work using guitar pro. It would be nice to be able to upload them as well. And yes, there are (and have always been and will always be) two schools of musicians. And i believe wikiloops can maybe help to bridge the gap somehow by offering options for other documentation than recordings
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How does that look like Nilton? Can you upload one here?
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I tried to upload a gpx file on the crazy remix board but it did not work. Pm me your email and i'll sen you some files, tutorials and links
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TG_Strat, here's an example of a Guitar Pro GPX file, and the corresponding PDF: [url=http://www.maxxxie.net/2016/01/06/pure-and-low-notation/]Click here[/url]

That's quick and dirty notation for one of my tracks (60639). This one is for bass and doesn't contain corresponding chord info, however GP is very capable of inserting that sort of information quickly and easily.

I hope that helps,

PS If you're a guitar player, I can't recommend Guitar Pro highly enough. Grab the trial copy and download some GPPro files from Ultimate Guitar.
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