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I've just wanted to start a little poll... Perhaps we could have a nominee or something like that? Just like jam of the year 2011... So all you have to do is copy/paste this and answer your personnal opinion. People can be in 2 categories or more... !

-- Favorite Bassist :

-Bass :

- Favorite Drummer :

-Drum :

-- Favorite Keyboardist :

-Keyboard :

-- Favorite Guitarist :

-Acoustic :

-Blues :
-Coutry :
-Funk :
-Jazz :
-Lead :
-Metal :
-Reggae :
-Rhythm :
-Rock :

-- Favorite Musician :

-Musician :

-- Favorite Sax :

-Sax :

-- Favorite Vocal :

-Vocal :


So here are my personnal favorite depending on style/instrument !

-- Favorite Bassist :

-Bass :
Bassap/Basster Both are my favorite.

- Favorite Drummer :

-Drum :

-- Favorite Keyboardist :

-Keyboard :

-- Favorite Guitarist :

-Acoustic :
-Blues : Danny
-Coutry : --
-Funk : Pete-Silence
-Jazz : --
-Metal : Dopelope1
-Reggae : RobH
-Rhythm : @FreshFunk (Not only for Rhythm but your guitar is awesome and really rhythmic)
-Rock : KapitanH

-- Favorite Musician :

-Musician :

-- Favorite Sax :

-Sax :

-- Favorite Vocal :

-Vocal :


Im sure i've forgot some people and im sorry for this but everyone is really good on this site... ! Keep up all the good job !


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Hey Ricky!
I've been dwelling over this some days... like the idea, OK, we're not a casting show, but its nice to give some credit... lemme see what I can say, I think I'll leave some blanks and add some other categories...

-- Favorite Bassist :

-Bass : Old_Mojo (for wisdom and coolness) / bassap (sound, energy)

- Favorite Drummer :

-Drum : tuff one. RC for his supreme sound, Adam will turn up later...

-- Favorite Keyboardist :

-Keyboard : always loved nofish reggae keys, give me rhodes or clavichord and I'll love you

-- Favorite Guitarist : even harder. Dominiks delicate, Petes tight, @Freshfunks a Genius, Lutz is outstanding in emotion and jamability... KaptainH and Ricky... I'm undecided, some are so good they seem to be beyond praisal (you know who you are :)
-- Brass: eLFu (wow) & Reiko
-Acoustic : Lutz
-Blues : Robs dirty island blueses :)
-Coutry : I dont really wanna go there, lol
-Funk : pete
-Jazz : dominik
-Lead : Gutoianotti
-Metal : KaptainH
-Reggae : Nofish / ChrisB
-Rhythm : ADAM there ya go boy :)
-Rock :

-- Favorite Musician :

-Musician :

-- Favorite Sax :

-Sax : Reikos free, thats so great

-- Favorite Vocal :

-Vocal : Petes moderation, Janos,


added categories:
many users (like me btw) dont have a ten year recording or playing experience, so they are unlikely to get named as "best...", but there is some other aspects I think are worth a mentioning, so lets name some people who:


--- a user known for a good/funny way of commenting:

--- a user supplying real good practising backings:

--- a user you feel is a true&commited wikilonian (someone you are happy to see when online):

so here I go myself:

--- a user known for a good way of commenting: Scriptura :)

--- a user supplying real good practising backings: FunkT, Rich

--- a user you feel is a true & commited wikilonian: Lutz, Adam & Dope - thanks fellows!
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I love this Idea!!! Thanks for the mention. My metal will continue to get better and I love being on wiki so I'm glad you like to see me online also! ;)

-- Favorite Bassist :

-Bass : Basster

- Favorite Drummer :

-Drum :MrAdamOndrums!!

-- Favorite Keyboardist :

-Keyboard :Mr adam on......keyboards!

-- Favorite Guitarist : So many choices!

-Acoustic :Lutz
-Blues : Danny
-Coutry :
-Funk :RobH
-Jazz :
-Lead :RickyMadison
-Metal :RickyMadison
-Reggae :
-Rhythm :Kapitan
-Rock :Kapitan

-- Favorite Musician :

-Musician : So far its a close Tie. RickyMadison and Lutz

-- Favorite Sax :

-Sax : Reiko!!!!! (sorry snuts)

-- Favorite Vocal :

-Vocal : Very surprised by Old Mojo. Thumbs up to you my man!

That was fun! Thanks Ricky.
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I won't go through all the categories, but I would like to express my admiration for a few of my favorite players...

Baer - for rock-solid drum tracks that are a joy to play bass with.

Lutz, Danny and Gutoianotti - for mastery and virtuosity, each in his own unique way. All three have inspired me to step out of my comfortable little box and go to wonderful places I have never been before.

Reiko - for emotional expression which comes shining through.

Dick - for creating, maintaining and improving this place. I can't imagine all the hard work that he has put into it.

Finally, a salute to everyone who has bravely stepped up and shared their particular gifts with the rest of us. You all ROCK!
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I think there will never be a "winner" - just as a way to express respect and gratitude:
- Favorite Bassist : Old_Mojo the wise man for his warmth and presence

- Favorite Drummer : Baer for steadiness, RC for sound, skills and precision

-- Favorite Keyboardist : Happo for the fun

-- Favorite Guitarist : Danny for his flow - COSIMOROCK for his musical soul - KapitanH and RickyMadison for the hard stuff - gutoiannotti for skills and challenge - freshfunk for his big ideas

-- Favorite Musician : Adam for his commitment and overwhelming creativity

-- Favorite Sax : Reiko for his lyrical touch and beautiful sound

-- Favorite Vocal : Old_Mojo again

And for the spirit of wikiloops: Dick ! Not only for his enormous work behind the scenes but also for his very integrating, moderating, reliable presence and warm way of commenting and showing respect to everybody.

And kudos to all those who contribute to the spirit of community, coming together from so different styles and walks of life to join here.
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ok, let's see.

i like
lutz - acoustic guitar
ricky - distorted guitar
mradam - overall musical talent
bassap - bass
snuts - vocals
gutoiannotti - technical skill
old mojo - composition
metalmaker - drums
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I ´ve seen this thread (and most of the forum) allready yesterday – boah!!

First, I wanna thank for mention me in the lists above! I´m not sure, if I should be there!

Then, I´m not sure, if I should do a list?!

I´ve found so many good tracks and contributions on wikiloops from several musicians in several styles and with several instruments (it would not be wikiloops without mandolin from mandolodda).

But I must admit, I have got a routine.
If I look for distorted guitars, I look first to Mr. Madison and KaptainH.
If I look for soulful acoustic guitars, I first choose Lutz.
If I search funky sounds, I look first with Pete and Fresh.
Caribbean feeling and awesome solos I get first with Guto.
For soulful ideas on guitar Cosimorock.
If I need ideas for my bass play, I hear to makkE, Mojo and Dick (and seetzen impressed me).
If I need wild rhythms, the way goes to Dafunkydrummer, RC-Drummer, bear and MrAdamOnDrums.
For keybords I´m looking to zacharyBennoui, Lou Minn (there is too little from both on wikiloops!), and Happo.
But this all isn´t a ranking! – This is my searching routine, depending on my own musical day mood for practice(and my mood sways very much*g*).

But at last, the big star is Dick , for making wikiloops!!!

Keep on jammin´
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