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Adding HQ track afterwards ?

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Hey there !
Is it possible to add the HQ track of a recording afterwards ? I didn't do it when uploading the regular file and wish to do it now.
Thanks for your help

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Yes it is possible, but theres is some need of an admin required.
You can mark your track as faulty to clean up the playlist.

When you've done this the track is already erased.
So you can post the HQ track on the same location :)

You can read it here:

I made a mistake yesterday, So I can positively reviewing this tpic ;)
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Ok, thanks for answering C3Po :-) I knew this manual procedure but I was wondering if a direct method was hiding somewhere.
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To give a short answer: No, adding HQ tracks at a later stage then while uploading the mixed track is not possible at this time.

The "erase & re-upload" procedure followed by L3N works and is valid,
it does create a new track (with a new ID and new web address of its own),
your followers will be notified a second time (as if that upload was brand new) and
all feedback received on the first upload is gone (also, if you shared the old track on lets say FB, late visitors will see the "Track has been removed" notice)
- that is why I'd rather see this method as a way to "repair mistakes" than as the desired way to improve a track by "adding" something.
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OK, thanks Dick.
I was asking the question because I'm not very satisfied with one of my mixes and thought about uploading Hq track in case someone ever wanted to remix it (... you never know ... :-) )
It's not very important in this case
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I find the solution is to put my HD version in my cloud storage (I use copy.com / cudadrive.com) and put a link to it in the track comments. I use this approach also when the HD file is too big for the 'loops.
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That's a good alternative in case of necessity. Thanks
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