Adiù !

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Well I'll try in english....;)

So hi everybody !

From south of France in the stones....

I'm trying to play guitar since few years ,it's comming slowly....playing some blues, funk, trying on Jazz, and recently Flamenco...

I've found this place looking for jamtrack, 'can't be better !!!!!

hope I'll progress faster now !!

Thanks everybody for the music !!!!!

Bye !

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Bienvenue !
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Merci !!

c'est mieux en french !!! héhé !

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That picture is a Deux Chevaux is it not?
Awesome !!
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Welcome to Wikiloops. :D
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Welcome to the loops it's the place to play and get better at your playing pick a track and jump right in. Glad you found the wiki
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welcome to the Loops ! have fun around ;)
clusters Clusters CLUSTERS !!!!!!
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nice to have you with us Pedrolito , welcome from me :)
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Thanks !!!

Yes it's a 2cv.... of the year 1956.... rebuild last spring...

And YES I enjoy on a lot of beautyfull song.... Thanks for this music !!!

And may be see you in a real Jam???

In south of france.... héhé !

Bye !
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