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wikiloops 2015 - annual transparency report

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So here it is again, the annual open report about the wikiloops development & funding situation.

This report has been good practise to stay in touch & keep things transparent to all members and supporters,
and you can find the [url=http://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=713]previous years reports[/url] around as well.

There are a few things intended by letting people look into the backstage situation of wikiloops, which I'd like to mention prior to offering the 2015 numbers:
- interested individuals who wonder why we ask for support should be able to make an informed judgement about this project
- supporters of wikiloops get to know what happened with their money
- "we collaborate, you are invited!" is the core message of wikiloops, and we apply this concept to running the plattform itself as well, instead of turning wikiloops into a sure-win-sneaky-deal business along the lines of "you collaborate, we get rich".
Projects like the wikipedia proove amazing things can be done with the help of many, and it remains an open quest if wikiloops can be led a similar path in the long run.
This report is about chapter five of this adventure, the quest goes on, you are invited :)

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I read the report, and I can only say a big thank you!!!! And I will keep donating as much as I can.
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One thing that startles me that the costs for tax accounting and banking fees are very high. Together over 2000 euros
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giant step yessss ! hopefully next year will be even better :)
thanks for the wonderful work Dick !
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Thank you very much Dick. We all should know that we have to participate with a few $$$ to keep this wonderful adventure to go on.
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Great presentation Dick, this was entertaining and very interesting data. Pleased to see you came within 200 Euros of not losing any money! That's great. Wikiloops is getting better all the time and I think the next report will show green.
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danke danke danke und schön das ich dich kenne und sagen kann: das ist ein guter freund von mir

ganz liebe grüße
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Thank you Dick for Wikiloops and all the work you do here.
Informative report.
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I can never thank you enough for all your wonderful work Dick!
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Seems to be catching on that everyone should donate to help keep this wonderful site alive. Come on wikiloopers donate donate donate. Thanks Dick
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I can only applaud such transparency and of course the amount of hours put into this website! I've seen differently and I've left some because of lack of interest in the community on their website.. It fills my heart withjoy to see things can be different! Wikiloops is a great example of this!

I'm not a supporting member yet but will surely become one as soon as I can! Thumbs up for all the work!
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nilton wrote:
One thing that startles me that the costs for tax accounting and banking fees are very high. Together over 2000 euros

Surprise me too. US not so bad after all;)
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Naw, the bank's fees are not the main issue here, joe, the german bank maybe takes 5% of the stated sum, 50% are spent on the tax accountant which one definetly needs to stay out of trouble and the rest goes to paypal (an US company as far as I recon), which also likes to take quite high fees on any transaction, especially on small ones.
If people donate one buck, all that really arrives at the loops are about 45Cent after paypal fees and VAT, the ratio gets a lot better on higher amounts, but they charge big time for such micropayments lower than 5$.
The tax accountant works for roundabout 60USD an hour, and the german government does require international acting companies like the wikiloops media UG to file the very same kind of tax report as it applies to companies like mercedes benz.
This may seem ridiculous, but there's just no way to avoid that if one doesn't feel like moving the business to Panama.
If you would see the shelf full of paperwork that the whole wiki business has created in five years, you'd probably agree its money well spent to have someone take care of that.
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