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Another Newbie saying Hello!

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Man...you modern musicians have *EvErYtHiNg!* now. I'm an old dog - pro musician between 1974 and 1996 and inactive until recently. Started rebuilding my chops and found Wikiloops. We didn't have this in The Day and I'm exploring.

Lots of great tunes and collaboration between great musicians so I can practice without boredom.Anyway I happy and pleased to be here and I look forward to popping up some remixes.

Thanks in advance fer puttin' up with me.

It's not what you play - It's how it sounds.
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Welcome to the loops...your gonna love it!
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welcome here from me too :) looking forward to listen to you ! have fun around ;)
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Welcome to Wiki!
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Welcome!! Happy to hear that your Voodon't days are over, VooDoo :D
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Welcome! :)
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hi there VooDoo, nice to have you with us, welcome :)
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Welcome, and enjoy the 'loops!
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Welcome and have a lot of Fun! :)
Rockin´ in a free world !
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Welcome to the wiki
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Welcome to the Wikiloops club! I look forward to hearing some of your tracks. take care and have fun. :D
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Thanks for the warm welcome and kind words. Got my Presonus software on the PC cranked up and the issues solved with my Audiobox USB...don't ask. Driver issues but I seem to be able to lay down tracks again!

Working on some Blues based stuff to upload. Horn band stuff that gonna need some vocals and keys for sure.

Stay tuned!!

It's not what you play - It's how it sounds.
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Welcome here !
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Welcome on board and tell it with music.
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